Infection SP'15: Night 2 Briefing Locations

Humans: West Entrance of Hitchcock Hall at 7:30PM
Aliens: South Entrance of University Hall at 7:30PM

Amnesty begins at 7PM; no humans can be tagged, no aliens stunned, during this time until Mission Start.


Late Registration

Missed the start of Infection? There's still an opportunity to play! Attend tomorrow's (Friday, 3/27) Info Meeting to get the rules and your KillID and bandanna, and start playing immediately!
WHEN: 6PM, Friday, March 27th
WHERE: Lazenby Hall 002

Make sure to register for the game before 4PM, or else your KillID won't be printed, and you absolutely need that to play.

And there's also another opportunity to play this semester with our two-day Invitational, April 10-11. It's all the chaos of a week of night missions packed into about 30-hrs. Sign up now!

Infection SP'15: Day 2

ERF Marines! Our science team (read: Dr. Jones) has informed us that those things from last night are DEFINITELY aliens, and we need to clear out one of their strongholds back home in good ol' U.S. of A. We'll take them floor by floor if we have to! Strangely enough, they seem to be set up in some sort of clothing warehouse, though....

RPAC Plaza from 12PM-2PM


Infection SP'15: Night 1 Debrief

Well guys, you did pretty well covering your tracks this morning; the drug lords were mostly caught off-guard, and we managed to get a little more intel than we originally had as to their whereabouts. But they still put up a great fight, and that freaky, predatory thing stalking us didn't help, so we didn't find any of their weapon caches along with the "drugs". El Chupacabra escaped, but what the hell were those things chasing us all night? Dr. Jones thinks they might be from outer space....


Infection SP'15: Night 1 Briefing Locations

Briefing Locations (starting a little later than the Info Meetings said tonight, because of Admins/room problems):

Humans: Hitchcock Hall 035 at 8PM
Aliens: South Entrance of University Hall (facing Oval) at 8PM

Amnesty will still be starting at 7PM; aliens cannot be stunned during this time, and humans cannot be tagged.

Infection SP'15: Day 1

ERF Marines! Get over your jetlag quick, because we need to neuralyze some of the locals that witnessed our drop into Colombia. Use your training to mind-wipe our evidence.

TL;DR: Check-In Mission; Go to points, show your KillID and get your name written down.
12PM-1PM: Outside SEL/18th Avenue Library
1PM-2PM: RPAC Plaza
2PM-3PM: Outside McPherson

Remember, blaster locks are still in effect. No battery-operated/automatics, no more than 6-clip magazines, no more than 10 darts per internal.


Almost There....

Opening Ceremony is at 8:30PM tonight in Hitchcock 131! Come and find out the plot!
If you missed an Info Meeting, there will be one after the OC.

Game will start at Midnight Wednesday morning, so no need to bring your arsenal. Original Aliens will be notified via PM on the website, so keep an eye on that if you opted in (though that's not a guarantee that you've been chosen).

Also, wear your bandanna today! Advertise to all your friends and classmates! There's still time to sign up, and if they miss tonight's Info Meeting, there's always Friday's!


SP'15 Info Meetings

03/22/15 07:30 PM Hitchcock Hall 035
03/23/15 08:00 PM Hitchcock Hall 035
03/24/15 After OC Hitchcock Hall 131
03/27/15 Late Reg. TBA (waiting on Admins still....)

Sorry, guys, the administration took its sweet ol' time getting back to us.
Remember to sign up BEFORE 4PM on the day you're planning to attend, otherwise we won't have your KillID ready! And if you don't already have this year's bandanna, bring $1!


Infection SP'15 Registration

Register now for the Spring 2015 Infection game!

Prepare yourselves! The first Info Meeting will be Thursday 3/12 at 7PM!
Make sure to join the game on the website by 4PM so we can have your KillID printed.

Bandannas are $1; if you still have one from last Autumn game (AU'14), you do not need to buy another (regardless of what team you were on).


AU'14 Infection Feedback

Please fill out the feedback form on our recent (Oct. 22-29) Infection game! Remember, we would like your sincere feedback as it helps us create better games, so comments are appreciated!

You can "Save Draft" at any point, just remember to Submit when you finish!

Thanks again for playing!