Good evening everyone! Huge thank you to those who came out and participated in the Night 1 Mission!

In summation, each faction (including the viruses) was fighting to gain and maintain control over 3 key points across campus. At the end of 90 minutes, the faction with the most time in control of points in total won. Basically, giant zone control.


Hello everyone! Hope you are surviving well enough out there! Those OVs have been a wily bunch today ;) hopefully they didn’t come and get you.

Tonight’s night mission will proceed as scheduled. You can count on us playing, regardless of the current weather conditions. Unless it is storming (lightning, tornadoes, torrential downpour), we will continue to play.


The War of the Grid: Day 1 Mission


Tension has been building ever since the ISO's first appeared on the Grid. To the User Kevin Flynn, the ISO's are a miracle. They appeared from the mysterious depths of the code, suddenly, with no known catalyst. They had their own functions. They had FREE WILL! And their only wish was to live in peace and harmony with the basic programs. While Flynn was overjoyed at their arrival, his System Administrator Clu was absolutely not.


The title says it all folks! Best of luck to you out there! May the odds be ever in your favor!

As you may or may not have noticed, each of you have been assigned to a squad page for your faction, ISO or Program. If you were not assigned to a faction or added to a squad page, please comment below or send a support ticket and we will make sure you are added.

Team Preferences!

While we're at it, we will be having the roll for teams at 6:30 tonight.

If you have a team preference, email it to ugcpolling@gmail.com and include "Team" in the title, along with your username and team preference in the body. If you don't get your preference in by 6:30, you'll be treated as no preference.

The team preferences of other players can be found at:


Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

Opening Ceremony Tonight!!!


TONIGHT we will hold our Opening Ceremony in Lazenby Hall room 002 at 7:00 pm! Please drop by to pick up your KillID and Bandana, where you will learn what Faction you will be fighting for! Please remember to bring $1.00 in order to purchase your bandana!
And, per the usual, we will have a small opening skit to introduce you to the plotty plot things around 7:15/7:30 ;) I hope you're ready.

Town Hall Meeting SP'16 Discussion Box

Everyone has different ideas about the club -- what it is, what it has been, and what it could or should be. In all likelihood, most people have different expectations about this meeting, be it issues they want discussed, questions they want answered, ideas they want shared, or progress they want made.

This form allows all club members the ability to submit topics for discussion in the meeting. We will attempt to address as many of these topics as possible, and hopefully, more.


Hey everyone. In light of the recent threat of violence made to the school, we have decided to temporarily suspend the game. This will both allow the police to react better, without worry of someone only having a Nerf Gun, and will protect all of you.

During this time of suspended play, ALL PLAYERS WILL BE GRANTED AMNESTY. We highly recommend that you don't carry a blaster on campus, and that you avoid walking around in your Nerf vests or gear. Furthermore, when play is resumed, we will be extra careful that all players are following the "in or out" rule: if you have any part of a blaster exposed, you have to have an entire blaster visible.

We'll keep everyone posted about when the game will resume. Thanks!

Infection AU'15 -- Evening 4 (Saturday) Mission



To all remaining survivors, Dan here. I hope there are some of you still out there.

Last night was a disaster for our community. We thought the traps would work. The scientists told us the infected would be stunned and captured upon contact. But that’s not what happened at all. Things were much, much worse.

Somehow, the horde has mutated. Changed. Evolved. The traps were ineffective, and the zombies were even dismantling them as we deployed them. On top of that, their mutated monstrosity, that noodly-appendage freak, was absolutely a menace to our people. We managed to capture one of them with our traps for study. But it wasn’t long before another one appeared and mowed through our ranks. Somehow they’ve found a way to better themselves, and our friends paid the price with their lives. This mission was an utter failure.

To makes matters worse, before he died, Steve received a comm signal that none of the operatives we rescued have recognized. We sent scout teams into the field to where the signal originated from to investigate. Before their comms went dead, they were able to alert us to a group of hostile survivors, intent on raiding our town.

There will be time to grieve for our fallen friends, but not before we protect our remaining loved ones from the raiders. It looks like they were hoping to catch us by surprise, while we were out looking for supplies, but after having made contact, the raiders will soon have realized we are aware of their presence and attack. But we're not going to sit on our hands while they prepare to slaughter us. We’re going to meet them head-on with full force, putting an end to any hope they had of controlling us. Once they are out of the way, we can focus on our next step in getting out of this hell.

See you on the battlefield. Let’s show these raiders who they are messing with.


So yea...um…last night was a thing…


It’s Nerf Wars time baby! Starting at 4:00 pm on the South Oval, we will be holding several different games of Nerf Wars. Humans Vs. Raiders (Zombies.)

That being the case, ZOMBIES, make sure you come to this mission with Nerf Weaponry. Won’t be much of a battle if you only have your hands.

Also of note, BRING WHATEVER TIER WEAPONRY YOU LIKE! It’s a Nerf War, so show off your guns and melts some hearts.

It’s going to be a BLASTer…..horrible pun…I’ll go away now.

See you at the mission!