Invitational Starts Tonight!

Hope everyone's ready! The Invitational starts tonight! Everyone traveling from out of town, please drive safely. Anyone who isn't coming from out of town, be safe too. :P Parking should still be open, but for anyone curious: Here is CampusParc's website.

When you get here, do not wear a bandanna until you have attended a Check-In/Info Meeting at HQ. At that Check-In, you will be signing a waiver which requires a photo ID, so please bring that.

And anyone who would like to be a starter zombie, please come to Hitchcock 131 at 6PM! We will brief you there.


Saturday's Check-In/Info Meeting is at 10AM in Independence Hall 100.

Night Mission 7: Wednesday Night FINALE Debrief

Thank you everyone for playing this semester's Infection game! We hope you all had a great time, and we hope you'll come out for some more of our events!

If you haven't already, join the Facebook group (URBAN GAMING CLUB @ OSU). It's a great way to keep updated about our events, or just keep in contact with the friends you've made through this game. :) Don't forget to play the Invitational, October 4-5. It'll be a lot shorter than this week-long game, but also a lot more condensed as far as missions go.

And finally, please fill out the feedback form, and come to the Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, 9/26 at 7:45PM in the Ohio Staters Traditions Room in the Union. We really do want to hear your feedback, as we want to make the best possible games for you guys. :)

And as always, if you would like to get involved, send us a message/support ticket. We always need the help! So again, thanks so much for playing. We hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed it. <3

Day Mission 6: Tuesday Day

After last night, it is painfully obvious that Febreeza is way stronger than we are. He was even able to delay the posting of this briefing! All of this means that we need to get the hell off this planet the imaginary planet Pluto. However, Febreeza has managed to crack our encryption already, and we don’t want him knowing where we are calling in the battlecruiser. Today our scientist- at the one point where his drugs balanced each other out- has informed me that there are ancient runes spread about the landscape. And then purple bunnies, so he is useless again. We are going to use this language to send a message to the battlecruiser.

TL;DR: There are chalk decryption keys on the ground spread around campus (hint for finding them: what locations are night mission objectives usually at?). Find and record them, and bring them to the night mission, as they will be a BIG help.

Night Mission 5: Monday Night Debrief

Unfortunately, Febreeza was able to fire the ion cannon and cripple our battlecruiser.  The suborbital thrusters, sensors, and communications array were severely damaged and will take several days to repair- time we don’t have.  Also, while we were fleeing Febreeza’s forces, they were able to sneak aboard our landing craft and blow it up.  It’s going to be a bitch to get out of here.

TL;DR: Battlecruiser damaged, extraction and communications more difficult.