Day Mission 5: Monday Day

As we discovered last night, the toxic effects of the rare-it-anium did not affect Febreeza’s minions, despite the fact that the doctor assures us it should.  They must be using some advanced technology to shield themselves.  We need to find and acquire some of this technology, even if we have to attack them to get it.

TL;DR: Zombies will have ‘tech cards’ on them at all times.  If a human stuns a zombie, the zombie must approach/ follow the human (within reason) to hand their ‘tech card’ to the human.  Also, if a zombie tags a human, they must show you their ‘tech card’ in order for the tag to count.  These rules only apply between 10am and 4pm.  Additional ‘tech cards’ can be picked up in the SEL courtyard by zombies between 10am and 4pm.  Humans should bring their collected cards to the night mission briefing.

Afternoon Mission 4: Saturday Day/Night Debrief

Thanks for collecting all those minerals for my guys!  Those potions were great, and I’m feeling much better now.  I think I could kill a few more evil beings now, but we don’t want to do that again.  Anyways, I think I can spare enough energy to help you all out some now, but I’m not sure what I want to do yet...

TL;DR:  Humans completed the mission, get more powerful specials on Monday Night.

ALSO:  There will be NO PLAY on Sunday.  This means that there will be amnesty from 12:01am Sunday morning until 11:59pm Sunday Night.  Enjoy your day off.  You deserve it.

Day Mission 3: Friday Day

So I sensed a couple of other warriors landing on our planet last night.  I sensed their power, but it is not familiar to me- it is neither yours nor febreeza’s.  I am too busy to investigate it, so you will need to find them for yourself.  I would hurry up before febreeza’s men get there...

TL;DR:  There will be two NPC’s on the oval- the first team to tag them (humans and zombies must both tag) will receive their powers tonight.  They will run from players chasing them, but will return to the oval once the pursuit ends.  The first NPC will arrive on the oval at approximately 11:00am and the second around 12:30pm.

Night Mission 2: Thursday Night Debrief

Good job troops, we rescued enough villagers to please the medicine man! Because of our help, he set up a shield for us. Also, they had some weapons stockpiles we were given access to.

Tl;DR: Human safe zone at RPAC Plaza- active starting at 12:01am Friday Morning.

ALSO: OZ’s have been revealed

Day Mission 2: Thursday Day


So I found some awesome symbols on the ground that I think are maps to the villages around here.  But I don’t remember what or where they are.  Or really most of the last couple of days...  Also does anybody know when the holodeck got so big?  At least I hope it’s a holodeck...  Please be a holodeck, please be a holodeck...  Anyways, go find the maps, they will be super useful!  GO GO GO!!!!

TL;DR: There are chalk drawings around campus that will be very useful for the night mission.  Find them and copy/take a picture of them and bring them to the briefing tonight (it would also be a good idea to try and figure out what they mean).  They will be an image on the ground, surrounded by a circle, with the letters UGC nearby.  All drawings will be drawn by 10am.

ALSO:  IFF it rains during the day and the chalk drawings are washed away, there will be no penalty for not completing the mission.