Night Mission 1: Wednesday Night

HUMANS: Meet outside Hitchcock Hall (West side) at 8PM
ZOMBIES: Meet in Campbell Hall 200 at 8PM

Amnesty starts at 7:30PM; no humans can be tagged from Amnesty Start to Mission Start.

The website has been having issues logging people out and giving blank pages. If that happens, try to refresh the page-- if that doesn't work, try to navigate away and log back in. We've got our code guy working on it.

Day Mission 1: Wednesday Day

The game is on!

Lilith has used her powers to jam long wave communications from earth! Since in order to open our heavy weapons locker we must tell Earth that we have arrived safely, we will need to set up a spherical grid reflection array to break through the signal. In order to activate the array, you will need to deploy some equipment that looks like ‘bubbles’ at some specific locations and times. For secrecy, these locations and times will be revealed on the comlink ‘internet’ shortly before they need to be carried out. We suspect traitors amongst us...

TL;DR: Post pictures of a human player (at least knees and up) with some (blown) bubbles. The building sign must be visible and it must be posted to the forum by the provided deadlines. (ie, no selfies, please use imgur links (etc) to post images) Times and locations will be posted on the human forum, so check frequently. Also, more bubbles will be available at SEL courtyard from 9-10am, 11-11:30am, and 1-2pm.

NOTE: Non-players do not exist. DO NOT ask them to take your picture, blow bubbles, look for zombies, etc.

8-10 Posted

10-12 Posted

12-2 Posted

2-4 Posted

AU'13 Opening Ceremony

The Autumn 2013 Infection Opening Ceremony will be at the Browning Amphitheatre at 8PM, Tuesday 9/10/13. If you've previously been to an Info Meeting, and we have your name on our list, you may pick up your KillID/Bandanna.

If you have not been to an Info Meeting, it's possible that we're having one afterward, but we are waiting to hear back about a room request. If you can't attend this one (if we have one) you will have to wait to play until attending the Easy Mode Info Meeting on Friday.

9/13/2013  Fri  5:45 PM Independence Hall 100

  EASY MODE (late insertion)


Infection AU'13 Registration is OPEN!


Bandanna Day is Thursday, 9/5! Wear your bandanna out and about on campus, and tell everyone to play Infection!

The game starts 9/11/13. You MUST go to one Info Meeting beforehand-- make sure you've registered for the game by 4PM the day of the Info Meeting you will be attending, otherwise a KillID WON'T be printed for you, and you need one to play!
You also need 1 UGC13-14 bandanna, which are $1; they are used all year for practically all of our events.

9/3/2013 Tue 7:00 PM Lazenby Hall 021  
9/4/2013 Wed 7:00 PM Campbell Hall 200  
9/5/2013 Thu 7:00 PM Lazenby Hall 021  
9/8/2013 Sun 6:45 PM Hitchcock Hall 035 VETERANS ONLY *(A Veteran is someone who has played two or more UGC Infection games)
9/8/2013 Sun 8:30 PM Hitchcock Hall 035  
9/9/2013 Mon 6:00 PM Hitchcock Hall 031 VETERANS ONLY *(A Veteran is someone who has played two or more UGC Infection games)
9/13/2013 Fri 5:45 PM Independence Hall 100 EASY MODE  (late insertion)

Again, you MUST come to one of these. Friends cannot pick up items for friends, and we are not making any exceptions. If you absolutely cannot make one of these Info Meetings, send in a support ticket.

Day 7: No Play Period

DO NOT PLAY between 11a.m. and 1p.m.! Student Safety has asked that we suspend play during this time.
This means do not be wearing a bandanna or carrying your gear. If you have to carry your gear, stash it in a larger bag. Do not be tagging people or going for stuns. Treat this as an amnesty period.