Night 6: Aftermath

I noticed that all of the targeting beacons are active! This means that I have a much higher chance of being able to un-shrink you tomorrow night! It should extraction much easier!

TL;DR: More extraction points on Wednesday night!

No day mission tomorrow, but you're still in play. Keep wearing your bandannas between classes!

Day 6: Sign In

Hey Guys, sorry I was passed out last night- I had feeewww too many muffins. So I think ive missed a little bit, and I'm not sure how many of you are actually left, so I'm going to need you to come and document the fact that you are still un-infected. The growth ray is almost done and, and I need to know how many people I need to un-shrink.

TL;DR: Humans should go to the SEL from 11-3pm tomorrow, there will be a moderator directly within the building with a sign in sheet. Sign in with your username. As always, don't play/shoot/run indoors and be courteous to the non-players around you.

Night 5: Briefing Locations

HUMANS: Meet at Independence 100 at 8PM
ZOMBIES: Meet in front of Hitchcock at 8PM
*ZOMBIES: as it's cold outside, you are allowed to go into the Hitchcock lobby and wait, but please be quiet, as we don't know what event is going on. Do not block doorways, etc.

Amnesty starts at 7:30PM; no humans can be tagged from Amnesty Start to Mission Start.

Day 5: Escort Viruses

So guys, Lilith has been in control of the virus going on 6 days now. I have a feeling that she may be corrupting them... I need you to bring me some so that I can check into this hunch. My gun-toting associate has located several disabled viruses that should be harmless, and I have designed a device that will cause them to follow you. Lead them to the trap point so that I can examine them.

TL;DR: There will be 3 NPC's at these points on campus at the times specified below. They will have an item with them that they will follow (walking only) any human or zombie carrying it. Use this to lead them to the specified final point, the location of which in your specific discussion areas. Escort mission, not too complicated.

HUMANS: Check your Discussion page
ZOMBIES: Check your Discussion page
10-11: RPAC
12-1: Ohio Union
2-3: Raney Commons area.

Night 3: Aftermath

Congratulations, you completed the mission. Since we can devote less resources to targeting now, we have spare energy shields that we can deploy on Monday.

TL;DR: Engineers on Monday, yay.

Guys, there was an issue with RPAC stairs tonight. You sat through those obnoxious Info Meetings-- how many times did we say it? STAY AWAY FROM STAIRS; you are not safe on them during night missions, and we really don't want to deal with ambulances. Bro-mom apologizes for the use of angry voice (and that stupid whistle), but seriously. Stay away from the stairs.