Day 3: Chalk!

Dr Waltz has come up with the chemical formula of the virus- we need to get this to Dr. Anderson. Unfortunately since he cannot hear us, we are going to have to draw it so that he can see. Go to the specified points and draw the formula on the ground.

TL;DR: Go to the points on campus specified by the map marked by a dot- humans will draw squares on the ground in chalk, zombies will draw circles on the ground, also in chalk, then upload to a picture to the specified discussion page. If your opposing shape is already at a point, draw yours around it to retake the point, (ie, zombie shows up and the most outer shape is a square, draw a circle around that. The latest you can upload pictures is 3pm. If the most outer shape on a point is a square, the humans will win that point, and if the most outer shape is a circle, the zombies win that point.

Mods will be at SEL courtyard (the point marked by a flag on the map) to any players who want to pick up chalk, every hour on the hour starting at 10am. One piece of chalk of per person, and if the mod runs out of chalk, they may leave the pick up point, but there will be another one there at the top of the hour through the end of the mission. Feel free to use your own chalk, but if you do take ours and do not use all of it, please bring it back at a night mission, thanks!

Night 2: Aftermath

So I noticed that my centrifuge was on, and it spit out a possible antidote to the virus! I will send it down to you, as it may be of some help.

TL;DR: You get medics starting Friday night!

Also, if you leave stuff at HQ or with a mod, make sure to pick it up immediately after the mission. While we offer a safe spot to leave your stuff for a mission, we are not responsible for keeping care of your stuff overnight. There is a Lost & Found topic.

Night 1: Aftermath

Well you didn't get logged onto the computer. Hopefully he will remember it tomorrow- he is usually better after lunch. During my explorations, I thought I had come across a virus-free zone; however without the computer I was unable to confirm this hypothesis.

TL;DR: You failed to complete the mission, there will be no new safe zone. Sorry.

ALSO: OZs ARE REVEALED. REPEAT, OZs ARE REVEALED. OZs, you are now regular zombies. Humans can stop being paranoid of other humans.

Day 1: I'm the Map

So all of us can hopefully survive this ordeal, the first thing we need is an accurate map of the area we are going to be working in. What I'm going to need you to do, is to document your surroundings the best you can- focus on the primary landmarks within the confines of miniature region we will be inhabiting for now. Unfortunately the blasters that you are wielding will corrupt any image data that you may collect so make sure that they are not present in any of the documentation that you are providing.
In order to get an accurate scale of the landmark, please include an object of known scale in the picture- ie, you or another player.

From 7:30a.m. to 5p.m., take pictures of you (without your blasters or socks) in front of outside building signs within the play boundaries that are NOT construction zones. Then upload them to an image sharing site, and post that link on the specified human forum.

SP'13 Opening Ceremony

Get ready, because tonight is the Opening Ceremony! Come out and get immersed in our plot for this game!
When: 7:30PM
Where: Independence Hall 100 (IH100)
Gameplay does not start until 2AM Wednesday morning, so you don't have to come with all your gear if you don't want to.

If you haven't attended an Info Meeting and/or picked up your KillID and bandanna yet, you need to stay after the Opening Ceremony to do so. Every player has to attend one Info Meeting per game.
If you opted in to become an OZ, we will contact you via website PM before the game starts if you have been chosen as an OZ.

Also, everyone should wear their bandannas again today and tell everyone they know to play Infection!

Info Meetings Update and Max Brooks!

3/25/13 is Bandanna Day, so wear your bandanna(s) to and from class and advertise the game to all your friends! Tell them to sign up on here:


Info Meetings (all players must attend ONE Info Meeting to get their bandanna/KillID):
Veterans Only: 3/23; 4:30PM HI031
All: 3/23; 6PM; HI031
3/25; 8PM; IH100
3/26; ~8:30PM; IH100 (after Opening Ceremony)
3/29; ~6:30PM; IH100 (Easy Mode Players)
*Veterans are players that have participated in two or more UGC Infection events.
Bandannas are $1, but they are used for all UGC events, so make sure to bring cash!

Also, if you haven't heard yet, Max Brooks is coming to OSU thanks to OUAB and UGC! If you like zombies, comedy, or just books in general, you should totally come out. Join the Facebook event!


Friends, players, nerds, lend me your ever-fleeting attention span! (Click here for cat pictures!!1!)

The organizers of the Ohio State Urban Gaming Club have decided to postpone OSU's second Infection Invitational until the upcoming autumn semester. A number of factors were involved in this decision. It was not made lightly or without hours of deliberation. Simply, it was not the right time for an invitational.

As many of you may know, our invitational was originally scheduled for April 12th and 13th. Our administration had not yet approved our game and had requested we hold off on advertising until the event was approved. Around this time, Penn State announced their invitational would fall on the same dates. The dates were thus changed to the only other available dates, March 22nd and 23rd. In doing so, we, the orgs and mods, lost three weeks of planning time we assumed we had. This put us in hot water with the administration, as they require detailed plans well in advance. Planning was rushed as a result, and quality likely suffered for the sake of a submitting a proposal on time. To make matters worse, after advertising for the new dates, a handful of local schools announced their main games would coincide with our invitational. For the sake of a larger, and thus, more epic game, and more importantly, out of respect for the community at large, we decided to change the date as we have never had any intention of forcing prospective players to choose between two invitationals or effectively excluding entire schools from attending ours.

And frankly, the announced dates weren't even ideal. As we learned last year, hosting an invitational only a few days before a full, week-long game burns everyone out, the organizational team and the player base alike. We all have school and jobs and social lives, and playing intense, physical games for nearly two weeks straight isn't all that feasible. We don't want our local players to feel they have to choose between two similar events, lowering the populations of both.

To all who have made plans to show up to our invitational, we cannot apologize enough. It means a lot to us that you decided to come play our game, especially those of you traveling a few hundred miles to get here. We understand the frustration you likely feel at this untimely announcement, and we're sorry for waiting so long to arrive at this decision. We know a number of you were excited for the Invitational. So were we. We can only hope that you are just as enthusiastic to come out in the fall. It is also our hope that, given the time now available to us, we can make the Invitational even better than it would have been otherwise. In the meantime, those of you at OSU should sign up for our main game, and we hope to see everyone soon!