Infection SP'13 Registration is OPEN!

Sign up for the March 27-April 3 game!


Info Meetings (all players must attend one Info Meeting):

(VET) meetings are for Veterans-Only. *Veterans are players who have played two or more UGC Infection games.

(ALL) meetings are for any player.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


7PM IH100 (ALL)


7PM IH100 (ALL)

3/20; 3/21; 3/22;


4:30PM HI031 (VET)

6PM HI031 (ALL)



8PM IH100 (ALL)


~8:30PM IH100 (ALL)

3/27; 3/28;


~6:30 IH100 (EASY MODE)


You MUST attend an Info Meeting to pick up your KillID and bandanna! Bring $1 for a bandanna if you don't have one/didn't get a green one from last game. We are not making exceptions to this rule, so you cannot pick up IDs/bandannas for friends.


Thank you everyone for playing this semester's Infection! We hope you all had a great time and will come back for our other events. Those of you in Hard Mode who paid for a green bandanna and never got one, just come to our next event and we'll get you one-- they're used year 'round, not just for Infection!

A feedback form should be up on the site before too long, and we hope you guys will give us your input. We really do listen and try to implement your suggestions. This was definitely a new experience even for us organizers, as we've never had to restart a game before. Thanks for being patient with us, especially with our late starts some nights. We're really sorry about that, by the way.

Again, thank you all, and we hope you had a blast.


(P.S.-- I still have Büttski and Four Horsemen pins for those of you who ordered them and never picked them up. Message me.)



MISSION TONIGHT: Amnesty starts at 8PM; Briefing starts around 8:30PM.



LOST & FOUND TOPIC: Post in it if you've lost or found something.

If you ordered a Büttski or Four Horsemen button, come find Carmen (Bro-mom) at the end of the mission. Bring yo' money.

Socks After Tonight

ALL socks left unclaimed after tonight's finale will be thrown away to prevent them from stinking up the UGC locker and taking up valuable space. If you wish to look through the bag-o-socks, then after the finale go to the organizer HQ. (This is usually at Sphinx, but there will be an announcement at BOTH briefings tonight informing you of where this will be) Remember, this is specifically for AFTER the finale, anyone who shows up to HQ beforehand looking for socks will be turned away, as they will be dumped back to the humans along with darts. All other lost items will be held onto, so if you lost something, send a support ticket to inquire if your lost item was recovered. Or post in the AU'12: LOST & FOUND forum page. 

DAY 6: Roaming NPCs

We have been tracking the people who had set up that interfering broadcast. They have been purposely sabotaging our systems, so Major Bishop has ordered that they be neutralized. The infected have been hunting for them as well....

OBJECTIVE: Humans and zombies are searching for mods/orgs walking around in zones at specific times. Humans have to shoot NPCs, zombies have to tag them; these NPCs can protect themselves.

9:30-10:15 - South Campus

10:30-11:30 - South Campus

11-12:40 - North Campus

12:30-1:15 - Oval

1:15 - 1:45 - North Campus



MISSION TONIGHT: Amnesty starts at 8PM; Briefing starts around 8:30PM.




If you didn't get your KillID Friday, come to the Sphinx Plaza before your briefing. Zombies, if you didn't pick up your KillID Friday, you're actually a human and should pick up your KillID and bring your stuff so you can play as a human for the night mission.

HARD MODE: For anyone wishing to opt out of Hard Mode, you don't have to do anything besides come get a green bandanna at Sphinx with your KillID. If you want to continue playing Hard Mode, just keep wearing your orange bandanna and 15 socks.

ISSUES WITH LATE REGISTRATION: If you have had issues with registration, come to Sphinx Plaza before your mission briefing so we can try to sort it out.

LOST & FOUND TOPIC: Post in it if you've lost or found something.

Hospital Circular -- Oct. 20, 2012

This is Navid Forbes from The Daily Nut, writing from the hospital quarantine. The nurses have finally agreed to allow me and fellow press the use of a copier machine, so this is not a FauxNewsNetwork sanctioned Daily Nut report. Being in the hospital has made it difficult to get answers, but we’re journalists and we’re going to find and distribute the truth.

I had been following the riots in the north end Wednesday night when the police came and escorted those involved to the mobile aid shelter at the hospital. Many of the civilians had firearms during the riots, but were easily subdued with the police’s rubber bullets. Though none of the quarantine civilians seemed to be infected, we have all been stuck here for days.

Almost immediately after being quarantined in the hospital, doctors and security staff started taking stock of supplies and found that the generators did not have enough fuel to last more than a few days with the extra amount of people, though they had previously checked and everything had been okay. During the day Thursday, staff and civilians discussed their options. There are some police officers who, regardless of their own safety, decided to stay with their families instead of go on patrol. One particular voice in this is Nick Paulson, who—despite my multiple attempts to learn more about him—seems to be ex-military. He convinced the security staff and police officers to allow him and a few other weapons-trained civilians to head outside of the quarantine and get supplies.

I heard afterward that Paulson and company managed to get the police involved in getting supplies for the hospital instead of fortifying the police station. They got more fuel for the generators, but not as much as they had hoped.

Friday morning, Chief Baldwin was found dead. No one knows how it happened, or even what happened that he was out and without any backup. After the startling news of Mayor Büttski’s death, this came as a serious blow to everyone. While Chief Baldwin will be missed, we are thankful that there are others in this group that can carry the mantle. Captain Cecilia Shepherd stepped up, but she seems to be more of a politician than a police captain....

Cpt. Shepherd, agreeing with Mr. Paulson, had trained civilians scavenge for  supplies while the police and technicians worked to get the turbines at the water treatment facility working again. Rumors are going around that none of these system failures are coincidence, but Cpt. Shepherd refuses to see any press to make a statement. This is partially why the military arriving Friday night was such a surprise to many of us, as Cpt. Shepherd is keeping a tight lid on any intel.

Major Bishop, the commander of the military detachment, took control of the situation and killed a giant, mutated infected before retreating everyone to the hospital and setting up surveillance nodes. With him, he brought supplies and combat medics, which are being trained by the doctors and military.