5/23/12: FINALE

This is it-- it's all or nothing tonight. You all succeeded in getting the Alpha King Noodler last night. Tonight we're using him to send the Priestess back to oblivion or die trying. Either way, you all have been fantastic and I am proud to have had you on my side.

Amnesty at 8:00. Humans meet at Sphinx Plaza. Zombies meet outside of Hitchcock Hall.


The shaman seem to be less and less inclined to helping us, as they fear what the Priestess can do to them. They've let me keep the book and I've translated a few more pages, based on the translation you all did on the tablet. Apparently the last time the Priestess was destroyed it was because of an artifact called the "Wabbajack." I'd say we should try to find it, but I think the cane that the Priestess destroyed that first night was the Wabbajack. Based on the translations, though, I've got a hunch. I'll explain more tonight.

Amnesty at 8:00. Humans meet at Sphinx Plaza. Zombies meet outside of Hitchcock Hall.


I'm sorry I haven't been able to help much with translating the tablet-- I've been trying to track down our shaman. They seem to either be spooked and hiding, or preparing for something.... I had a second to look at your progress so far, though, and it seems like you guys are really close. I get the feeling that we'll need that translation really soon....

Amnesty at 8:00. Humans meet at Sphinx Plaza. Zombies meet outside of Hitchcock Hall.

5/20/12: NO MISSION

Hey nerds, there's no mission today, but that doesn't mean gameplay isn't allowed. Day-time safe zones are still active.

However, at 6:00p.m. in Hitchcock 031, the Bro-tographer will be showing his masterpiece "Success at Success at Success: The Bro-tential Dynasty Part I and II". Be there on time; it's not running on UGC time (though we have been fairly on time this game).

We will be offering an achievement and amnesty from 5:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. so ya'll can come to the movie. And/or pick up darts, but that shouldn't be an excuse to not come. Nerds.

WHAT: a chance to be near gods
WHEN: 6:00p.m. (amnesty at 5:30p.m.)
WHERE: Hitchcock 031

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This book is harder to translate than I thought. I've only gotten two pages done, though their info is a little late. Here's the translated scans.

I finally figured out that potions puzzle-- the boxes represented Red, Green, and Blue as the three parts. I wish I would've gotten it earlier so not as many people would've been cursed last night.

Because this book seems to have relevant historical info that may help us fight the Priestess, I need a key so I can translate it faster. The shaman refuse to help me, so I have to ask you all to risk your lives again. The good news is that you should be able to pick up your completed potions at tonight's mission. If any of you did not bring your sand last night, please bring it tonight. Unfortunately, it's too late for the shaman to make a potion for you, but we would like the ingredients back anyway.

Amnesty at 8:00. Humans meet at Sphinx Plaza. Zombies meet outside of Hitchcock Hall.


The Priestess has been busy-- I was not expecting that many of the horde to try and stop us tonight. But good work! We succeeded! The cursed items have been reunited and our shaman have ensured me that the area that they're in now has a protective charm on it. Sphinx Plaza is now a safe zone!

I have also given the ingredients you all found to the shaman so they can get working on your antidotes. You will receive the completed antidote tomorrow.


View SP12-- Infection Safe Zone in a larger map


Oh boy. It's taking a while to translate this book, but I've come across something interesting. It seems that there were other shaman at one point in time. They were charged with protecting items, but the Priestess put a curse on them. I think the Priestess will be trying to get these items back, so I think we should take them before she gets the chance.

Amnesty starts at 8:00. Humans meet at Sphinx Plaza. Zombies meet outside of Hitchcock Hall.

HUMANS: If you retrieved antidote ingredients today, bring them early to the briefing so we can process them. You will get your antidotes tomorrow (as the shaman need time to cook them).

5/18/12: DAY MISSION

Fantastic job last night!

Because we kept the shaman safe, they managed to take all the right precautions to nullify the curse on the book they had. After the mission, they allowed me to take the book and translate part of it. This is what I've got so far:

The shaman created a potion that keeps people safe. It grants the user a temporary shield against the Priestess' minions. Some ingredients yield longer lasting potions. The colors are on a scale of three parts. Variety will yield better results, but the potion will work with many of the same ingredients. Two ingredients were found to alter the others. One amplifies their strengths, whereas the other amplifies their weaknesses.

There was even a picture drawn in the book, if that helps.

I have managed to track down the ingredients that the shaman need, but there are limited quantities for these potions. I can't figure out the puzzle, but hopefully you can. The people with the ingredients will only be out from 11am to 3pm today, so find them fast, otherwise someone else may snatch up all their ingredients!


HUMANS: Check the Human Discussion page for more info!


You know how they say fight fire with fire? We're going to fight magic with magic. I found some locals to help us.... errr... I guess they're locals. They're a little strange, but no stranger than what we've already faced. The point is we need help and these guys can help. They call themselves shaman and claim to be descendants of the Mirca Lode. They say they have access to a book but that it's been cursed. They refuse to open it without taking the "proper precautions" because anyone who tries to open it will "meet a terrible fate."

That said, these shaman say the rewards for such a prize could help prevent the Priestess' curse from spreading. The shaman seemed really pleased to see the Cat, they almost started dancing. But when I asked what it did they just muttered something and said to keep it safe. Maybe the book they have will be more clear about this....

Anyway, let's meet at the Sphinx Plaza on the Oval (North side of the Thompson, between the library and University Hall) at 8:30.


Amnesty starts at 8:00. Zombies meet outside Hitchcock Hall.