Infection SP'15: Feedback

Please fill out the feedback form on our recent (March 25 - April 1) Infection game! Remember, we would like your sincere feedback as it helps us create better games, so comments are appreciated!

You can "Save Draft" at any point, just remember to Submit when you finish! There are also some required responses, so make sure to check each section.

Thanks again for playing!

Infection SP'15: Finale Debrief

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MUCH REJOICING! We successfully disarmed their attack. It took longer than expected because of their success with phase 1, but we came out on top in the end, taking out the reprogrammed Terminator and Dicktator Hazard.

Game is over, Aliens win. Thanks for playing, and we hope you had fun! Play the Invitational.

Infection SP'15: Day 6

I seem to remember things going a lot differently the past few days.... However, after our loss of the Terminator last night and the inexplicable reason for us leaving the alien queen alive Friday, we've gotta bring in the big guns... We've just gotta get him outta the desert first.

TL;DR: Completed points reset every 15 minutes, so if it's already completed, try again on the 15.
When: 12:30PM-2PM
Where: South Campus "Divot" (recessed grassy area between Siebert and Park-Stradley Halls)

Infection SP'15: Night 5 Debrief

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Good news, everyone! We succeeded in keeping the Terminator and sending him back in time to do something, but I don't remember what since we never lost that fight against the Jaeger. Our queen has been diligently weeding out the defective mutations in the past few days. We now have immunes; to make up for the overpowering, dissenting shooter-aliens, our queen has wiped them out with ammo immunes.

Infection SP'15: Night 5 Briefing Locations

Humans: Hitchcock Lobby at 7:30PM
Aliens: Thompson East Vestibule (between lobby/main floor and Oval) at 7:30PM
-- Some Alien specials will be allowed to use blasters tonight; if you would like to be entered in the random pool, bring something.

Amnesty begins at 7PM; no humans can be tagged, no aliens stunned, during this time until Mission Start.