Infection SP'15: Day 5

With the Terminator on the loose we need to rewrite his code so that he's ready for the night mission.

TL;DR: This is both a human and alien objective. Who can rewrite his code?
When: 11AM-2PM
Where: Hitchcock Plaza

Reminder to Aliens: make sure you're submitting your kills. Input that 6-digit killcode under the Submit Tag button on the game page.

Infection SP'15: Evening 4 Debrief

Damn them and their technologically superior spacecrafts! They protected their mothership too well. We'll try again after a day of regrouping and seeing to our wounded.

There are no missions Sunday. You are still in play whenever you're outside, but take the time to do homework, convalesce, etc. You guys have earned it!

Infection SP'15: Night 3 Briefing Locations

Humans: Lazenby Hall 002 (there will be an Info Meeting there beforehand, so please be quiet/respectful if you go in early) at 7:30PM
Aliens: Hitchcock Hall 035 at 7:30PM

Amnesty begins at 7PM; no humans can be tagged, no aliens stunned, during this time until Mission Start.

Due to website issues, we will allow late signups until 5PM.

Infection SP'15: Day 3

We've figured out a way to take the fight to these alien mothers. You will need some training beforehand to get the drifting right, though.

TL;DR: You need to be in pairs to complete this objective
11AM-2PM: South Campus Oval

Late Registration is still a thing, click the button to sign up for the game before 4PM, and come to the Info Meeting at Lazenby Hall 002 at 6PM.

Infection SP'15: Night 2 Debrief

Delicious success, boys (and girls)! We've managed to feed the company, so hopefully we'll have enough strength to fight the alien menace anew tomorrow! We did lose a few of our number, though, but don't lose heart.

Original Aliens have been revealed. Tier 2 (unlimited ammo capacity) unlocks have been earned; automatic and battery-operated blasters are still locked.

Reminder: No-Play Zones are not the same as Safe Zones. If you're playing, YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN THEM.

Late Registration

Missed the start of Infection? There's still an opportunity to play! Attend tomorrow's (Friday, 3/27) Info Meeting to get the rules and your KillID and bandanna, and start playing immediately!
WHEN: 6PM, Friday, March 27th
WHERE: Lazenby Hall 002

Make sure to register for the game before 4PM, or else your KillID won't be printed, and you absolutely need that to play.

And there's also another opportunity to play this semester with our two-day Invitational, April 10-11. It's all the chaos of a week of night missions packed into about 30-hrs. Sign up now!

Infection SP'15: Day 2

ERF Marines! Our science team (read: Dr. Jones) has informed us that those things from last night are DEFINITELY aliens, and we need to clear out one of their strongholds back home in good ol' U.S. of A. We'll take them floor by floor if we have to! Strangely enough, they seem to be set up in some sort of clothing warehouse, though....

RPAC Plaza from 12PM-2PM