Day Mission 2: "Showdown at High Noonish"

Starting at 11:30 teams of minimum 5 people each (if more people show up then the teams can be larger but will still be even) will engage in different nerf games every 15 minutes. You will be safe while participating in the day mission. Please see the map for the mission location and safe zone area.

First Night Debrief

After great day mission turnout from both sides each group was able to purchase the first set of weapon unlocks. Both sides now have full access to all clips and high capacity blasters (Battery powered and full auto are still locked)
Unfortunately the bank lost a lot of money tonight, the Townsfolk received a reward of 100 Gold from the bank for the bags and boxes they were able to save from falling into the outlaws hands. The Outlaws made off with 200 Gold. Another large amount seems to have gone missing in the chaos.

Night Mission 1

Night Mission 1: Amnesty begins at 7 and lasts till mission start (this is also pvp amnesty) Briefings "begin" at 7:30 (we believe in ourselves, though if you get there stupidly early its not entirely our fault if it seems like a long wait)
Townsfolk: RPAC Plaza
Outlaws: Numbers Garden
Zombies: Lazenby Hall Rm 001
(reminder, battery powered guns and larger capacity clips have not been unlocked yet. come to the mission and see if you can change that)

Day Mission 1

Earn some coin for your team by going around town doing work for some of the NPC's.
NPC's will be located at the South Oval, Scott Labs, and the RPAC starting at 1pm. Check the map for the locations and times active. If you have made arrangements to pick up your kill ID fro me I will be at Point 1 for the entire mission.


OPENING CEREMONY: Tonight at 9:30pm in Hitchcock 035
Last info meeting for regular entry will begin at the end of the opening ceremony. If you have not picked up your kill ID or bandana please come to the opening ceremony to grab them. Bandanas are $1.

Team Preferences

While we're at it, we will be having the roll for teams at 6:30 tonight.

If you have a team preference, email it to and include "Team" in the title, along with your username and team preference in the body. If you don't get your preference in by 6:30, you'll be treated as no preference.

The team preferences of other players can be found at:…/1ApXtJN1g17EynoTuoJcrq2FJJs…/edit…

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!

Come Talk to Us.

This Friday, April 18th, we the organizational staff would like you to come and tell us whatever you want about our organization structure. This is NOT a meeting to discuss any game specific ideas that you have, we'll listen to those at a different meeting. So if you have some thoughts, come to the Sphinx room (2nd floor of the union, ask the info desk/d-tix for directions) at 7:30pm. Please don't show up before 7:30.