Tuesday Day Mission 4/1/14

Good morning, after reviewing all your requisition requests it seems the vast majority of you filed for larger ammo capacity so I've gone ahead and given Rodney permission start letting people use larger clips effective starting at 6:30am today. As a reminder you are all still scheduled for an assignment between 11am and 4pm so make sure you attend sometime in that window. A final note I will be out of the office tonight but that doesn't mean you don't have to come in to the office, we need all agents on standby in case a new assignment comes up.



tl;dr Ammo Unlock! You are now free to use any clip capacity and any internal clip capacity weapons, electronic and automatic weapons are still locked. OZ's have all been revealed. Humans: Day Mission from 11am-4pm at the base of the RPAC ramp area (Note this is not the Plaza area), there will be a small safe zone for you there while we explain to you the mission. Zombies: Day mission from 11am-4pm at the RPAC plaza (Note this is not the ramp area) the mission will be explained to you there. 

Night 1: Debrief

Hello everyone wonderful news, our anonymous client's wire transfer came through good job on your first field assignment. In recognition of your good work and the fact that we can afford it now I've decided that I will sign whichever set of equipment requisition forms that you decide on. And the requested equipment will be available for use starting at 7am tomorrow. Now I will be out of the office for the next two days for an important all expense paid business trip, we have however been hired for another job while I'm away but I trust you can handle it. The appointment is from 11am-4pm at the bottom of the RPAC ramp that goes between the two buildings and should be fairly easy for you to accomplish.

tl;dr Humans: Good job tonight you captured all the points and have earned yourself a Tier 1 weapon unlock, please vote on what you would like that unlock to be in the poll below. Day mission tomorrow from 11am-4pm at the base of the RPAC ramp area (Note this is not the Plaza area), there will be a small safe zone for you there while we explain to you the mission.
Zombies: Good job with the hunting, you guys did great. Day mission tomorrow from 11am-4pm at the RPAC plaza (Note this is not the ramp area) the mission will be explained to you there.

Performance Reviews (Monday Day Mission) 3/31/14

Hello Zombuster Employees,

As you all know performance reviews are today, company policy dictates that all supervisors are required to help evaluate their fellow employees. For all new hires, please report in with any and every supervisor you can find throughout the day. If you cannot locate anyone as you walk around I have made sure to schedule times throughout the day for a supervisor to wait in the conference room for walk-in appointments. Remember getting a good performance review helps me decide how much I care about you, so it's a good idea to meet with as many different supervisors as possible. As of right now I have not authorized any advanced weapons, so I want to be clear when I say no one should be using them. Pam assures me that performance reviews are much safer after last year's fiasco; however, please remember to stay safe throughout the day because accidents in the workplace result in higher insurance premiums.



tl;dr (Look for any Org or Mod on campus and sign in with them, all Orgs and Mods will be unable to kill players while they are wearing their Blue or Yellow bandannas regardless of Z/OZ status, players will be safe for the duration of sign in and then have 10 second/steps of safety afterwards, only one person can sign in at a time so only one person is safe at a time. Players are encouraged to sign in with as many Orgs/Mods as they can find because it will improve your score, there will be someone stationed at Sphinx (the area next to the library) between the hours of 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm, and 2pm-3pm for people to sign in with as well, if you have any questions please ask us in a support ticket on the website, have fun!)

EDIT: Hi everyone, Apparently there was a scheduling error with one of the mods who was supposed to be at Sphinx between 12pm-1pm. Sorry about that, to make up for it we're giving you an additional point to sign in at from 2pm-3pm at Scott Labs. So stop by Sphinx and Scott Labs between 2pm and 3pm to participate in the day mission!


Infection SP'14 - The Final Stretch!

Only a few more days, guys! Make sure you've signed up for the game! CLICK THE BUTTON: ohiostateugc.com/infection

Update on Opening Ceremony: The OC will be held at 7PM on Sunday, the 30th, in Independence Hall 100. Beforehand, there will be a mini "Training Session" for anyone who would like to use their blasters before having them weapons-locked away. This "Training Session" is not a part of the game (which does not start until 12AM the 31st), so you have no danger of being tagged. We have tentatively scheduled this "Training Session" to be at 6PM; keep an eye on the website and Facebook for a location.

There will also be an Info Meeting after the Opening Ceremony; the time of which depends on when the Opening Ceremony gets done. So if you would like to get home early to catch the season finale of The Walking Dead, you should come to tomorrow's (the 26th) Info Meeting! The OC should not take two hours, so please come out and get a taste of this game's plot!

ALSO! Thursday (the 27th) and Friday (the 28th) are BANDANNA DAYS! Wear your purple bandannas out and about to class and such and tell everyone to play Infection! The more, the merrier! EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Only two more Info Meetings before the game:

3/26 7:30PM Hitchcock Hall 035 Everyone
3/30 After Opening Ceremony Independence Hall 100 Everyone

If you don't have time before the game, though, there will be a late sign-up on Wednesday; more info will be posted soon.

And for everyone who hasn't heard yet, you can sign up (without a Twitter account) to get our game tweets through text. Text this to 40404: ON UGCInfectionS14

Infection SP'14 Registration is UP!

Registration for the SP'14 Infection game is up! You must register in the game in order to play!

[EDIT]: Woo! Room Requests are finally confirmed. Here's the list of Info Meetings-- remember, you only have to attend ONE (1) to receive your bandanna and KillID, both of which are required to play! Please bring $1 for the bandanna, which can be used in any of UGC's events! If you cannot make it to any of these dates, send in a Support Ticket: http://www.ohiostateugc.com/node/add/ticket , and we'll try to work something out.
Make sure you have signed up for the Infection game on the website at least two hours before the Info Meeting you're planning on attending, just so that we have time to get your KillID printed.

3/22 2:30PM Hitchcock Hall 031 *Veteran
3/22 4:00PM Hitchcock Hall 031 Everyone
3/24 7:00PM Independence Hall 100 Everyone
3/25 6:00PM Hitchcock Hall 035 *Veteran
3/26 7:30PM Hitchcock Hall 035 Everyone
3/30 After Opening Ceremony Independence Hall 100 Everyone

(*Veteran Info Meetings are reserved for players who have played TWO (2) or MORE games of Infection run by UGC; if you haven't played two or more games, please attend an Everyone Info Meeting.)


Please be aware that this game is using a Weapons-Unlock system. At the start of the game, until you earn the right to use them, you will only be allowed to use:
-Blasters with an internal magazine system of 10 darts or less (Such as the Strongarm, Roughcut, Vortex Diatron, Vortex Vigilon, Maverick, etc.)
-Blasters with no internal magazine system, but with use of 6-round clips (Such as the Rampage, Alpha Trooper, etc.). You are allowed to carry more than one 6-round clip at a time, but you are not allowed to load your blaster with anything larger than a 6-round clip, until unlocked.

Electric/battery-operated firing systems (Such as the Stryfe, Barricade, etc.) and automatic systems (Such as the Rapidstrike, Stampede, Magstrike, etc.) are not permitted until unlocked.

Socks and blowguns are allowed from the beginning of the game. Good luck.

Invitational is Over!

The Urban Gaming Club would like to thank everyone who participated in our "Sprautumn" Invitational. You guys were great, and we hope you had a lot of fun.

We would also like to apologize for the ridiculous waits on missions. We had a tentative schedule that we were trying our best to stick to, but as was obvious, we kinda weren't ready to go at those points. Again, thanks so much for your patience with that.

And as always, we'd like to hear what you have to say, so fill out the feedback form! We want to make the best games possible for everyone, so comments on the feedback is super important.