I really don't understand why the Project Manager let the alcoholic Businessman fly the plane... they might have made it out if not for that. At least they gave us that chest and key. I'm not sure what the cat does but I know of something that may be able to tell me....
It's a shame we lost the cane to the Priestess, though. It looks like that was the artifact she'd been looking for. I wonder why she was so scared of it that she wanted it destroyed? I can't say for certain but I think I've found some people who can. More on that later.


Good news Everyone!

The Priestess appears to be looking for something, something that scares her? Whatever it is, she hasn’t discovered it yet, so let’s try to find it first! We have a head start on her too. She’s probably going to check the dig site but it’s been picked clean. Myself and the other three with me yesterday [the archeologist, the businessman, and the project manager] each took items from the dig site. It’s possible one of them have what she is looking for. I’m currently out of contact with them but I know their last locations.

It’s too dangerous right now, but meet me at the RPAC at 8:30 and I’ll go over details there.

Amnesty starts at 8:00. Zombies meet outside Hitchcock Hall. OZs are revealed.

5/16/12: DAY MISSION

We are all screwed and not just because I almost got eaten by a zombie this morning. Last night at the dig site I uncovered something. I know this is going to sound crazy but please hear me out. Yesterday, I told you all about the Mirca Lode and their artifacts; in particular, they had artifacts that they believed could bring the dead back to life. At the dig site I discovered some images of the artifacts that we missed the first time through. The images depict a Priestess rising dead from their graves to fight invaders and in her hands is the Tome.... Here's the crazy part, I think the woman is using the Tome to create an undead army. What's more, I think when that heckler tried to read the words from the Tome he actually brought that very Priestess back to life. I know that sounds crazy but there is no way to explain what is happening around here save for some magic... unless I'm crazy.

Also on the walls are images of circles with odd patterns. The more circles that are depicted the larger the horde of undead depicted. These circular patterns are starting to appear everywhere around the university. It think this has something to do with the Priestess. If you find them, use chalk to disfigure them. Post a picture of yourself with the disfigured chalk circle and where you found it, so we know where it was and that it has been broken. I don't know what they do but it can't be good.


TL;DR: There are chalk circles around campus. Find them, disfigure them with chalk (draw two squares around the circles). Take a picture of the disfigured chalk circle and yourself as evidence that it was completed. Upload this image to the forums by 7:00pm or the chalk symbol is still considered active.

Bandanna Day!

The game starts in two days! Wear your bandannas tomorrow (Monday, 5/14/12) to advertise to all your loser friends who have forgotten to sign up. BANDANNAS! TOMORROW! WEAR THEM!

The Opening Ceremony is Tuesday May 15th at 9:30PM in Independence Hall 100. Come to it if you weren't able to make any of the Info meetings, and if you want to find out what this game's plot is. You do not need to come geared up (unless you plan on staying on campus until 12AM) because the game does not start until midnight.

May 16-23 INFECTION Info Meetings

Two weeks! Registration is now open! Here are the times and locations of the MANDATORY info meetings. You only need to go to one.

5/9/2012 Wed -- 9:00PM -- Independence Hall 100
5/13/2012 Sun -- 8:00PM -- Independence Hall 100
5/14/2012 Mon -- 9:30PM -- Independence Hall 100

There is also a Veterans Only meeting. By Veterans Only, we mean that you must have played two or more Infection games held by OSU UGC:
5/8/2012 Tue -- 8:30PM -- Independence Hall 100.

You must come to one of these meetings in order to pick up your bandanna and KillID. Bring $1 to pay for your bandanna. If you still have an orange bandanna from the Fall game, you do not need to buy another.

Also, if you had been a member on the old site, you need to re-register on this one. None of the old accounts were migrated over.

Indoor Nerf War 2 & Spring Involvement Fair

We've got another indoor Nerf War planned for April 7, in the Tom W. Davis gym in the RPAC from 9p.m. to around midnight. Come play Retrieve the Banner, Paulball, Paultimate, HvH, and other games! Sign up on the Facebook event page!

Also, UGC will be at the Spring Involvement fair on the Oval, March 29th, from 4:30p.m. to 7p.m. We'll just be hanging out, passing out flyers and stuff. Come say hi, 'cause we'll be bored.