Infection AU'15 -- Night 3 (Friday) Mission


Good job out there today with the traps. I understand that the tech’s designs are a bit eccentric but they assure me they are optimal for zombie capture. So thank you for your help given the circumstances.

We are meeting at the same place this evening. We’ll be able to get a count from the science team regarding how many traps are ready for use. And from there, we’ll be branching out and deploying them around our perimeter. Hopefully, this will lighten the burden the horde has been placing on us and give us some room to maneuver.

Also, please arrive in a respectful and somber mood. We will be having a vigil and some moments of silence tonight. I do not wish to discuss the details over comms, other than we have experienced a great loss.

We will see you soon.


FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY.... Oops! Did that slip out?

Amnesty begins at 7:00 pm!

Humans meet in Hitchcock 035 at 7:30 pm for briefing.

Zombies meet at South Oval at 7:30 pm for briefing.


Infection AU'15 -- Day 3 (Friday) Mission


Hello everyone! Dan reporting in following last night’s mission.

Apparently changing tactics was the right thing to do after all! After decoding the transmissions and pinpointing the locations of the radio signals, you guys made quick work of getting those people back to town. While we didn’t save everyone and lost several of our own to the horde, I can easily say their sacrifices were not in vain!

First of all, Jane Cena has happily joined our ranks to fight the Horde. Her impressive melee skills and impeccable courage will certainly prove useful in the coming days.

The military operatives who were rescued came with a large stock of ammunition, on top of upgrading and improving our weapons. Now we face the horde with an even stronger force!

And the biochemists have had no problem at all with cleaning out our water supply. They’ve isolated and separated the infected contaminants from the water, and are currently using it to help identify the hidden infected within our ranks.

Things are looking up people! We may have a shot at getting out of this alive after all!

The technicians you rescued last night have been working non-stop to develop a trap system that will help us dwindle the zombie numbers trying to breach our perimeter. After working throughout the night, they believe they have perfected their design and are ready to construct the traps.

We have dispatched military operatives who have successfully cleared out a forward operating post once again. The technicians will be gathering there today between 1 and 3 pm, and will need help constructing as many traps as possible. Once a trap has been constructed, it will need to be safely transported to a deployment station where the science team will lace them with a neutralizing agent before deployment tonight. The more traps we get there safely, the more zombies we will be able to neutralize in the future.

Although the carriers, or hidden zombies, have been eliminated, you must continue to stay alert. They managed to deal some severe damage to our ranks before we found them. The infected numbers continue to grow with each passing hour, and it is likely you will run into resistance while constructing these traps! Work together, trust your teammates, and together we will make it through this alive!


Hallooo! Welcome to Day 3! As a result of the humans successfully rescuing 5/6 points last night, they have unlocked Tier 2 weapons, and have revealed the OZs! Great success!

For the Day Mission today, the humans will gather at Sphinx Plaza starting at 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm. They will be given instructions to construct zombie traps using PVC pipes. Once they match the design specs, they will carry their construction elsewhere. Once it is dropped off at the specified point safely or destroyed in route, a moderator will return to Sphinx, at which point the humans can begin transporting another trap. This process can be repeated as many times as possible within the timeframe.

ZOMBIES: You may tag humans at any point during this process, as there are no safe zones during construction and movement of traps. Do not touch or interact with the PVC in any way, as it will stun you (traps, remember?). Simply have fun feasting on distracted humans.

Now get out there, you crazy little rascals! And have fun!

Infection AU'15 -- Night 2 (Thursday) Mission


Alright guys. Excellent job out there today. Steve was able to boost the signal thanks to you -- success was almost immediate. We’ve received several signals that we plan to investigate.

We are going to be gathering in force tonight on the outskirts of town to decipher the messages and strategize our next move. Bring whatever intelligence you may have gathered while out in the field today, as it could be necessary to help our plan. And come well armed. If there are people out there that need rescued or groups that would be willing to join forces with us, we need to get to them.

This could be the breakthrough we need to preserve our community. I hope you can lend us your strength again tonight. Good luck out there. Let us know if you find anything out of the ordinary.


Amnesty begins at 7:00 PM.

Humans meet outside Hitchcock Hall (on the west side) for briefing.

Zombies meet at South Oval for briefing.


Infection AU'15 -- Day 2 (Thursday) Mission


Hello everyone. Dan here. I’m glad to see that most of you made it back alive. Let’s take a moment of silence to remember the fallen.


What happened last night was...unexpected. We knew that we would run into zombie forces, especially after the confirmation of our water sources being contaminated. But how could we have known that there would be human resistance as well? They didn’t make their presence known at all, even while the research teams spent hours reviewing their area. They moved in at the most inopportune time, and our people paid the price.

Damn those yolkles.

But thanks to your quick thinking and response to the situation, we managed to get about 30% of what we initially intended to grab. That is enough food, water and ammo to sustain us for now, but it will not last. Now that there is a human presence causing us trouble, in conjunction with the growing numbers of the zombie horde, we have to change tactics and see if we can bolster our numbers in response.

I have Steve working on boosting our radio signal, to see if we can make contact with other groups that can help us. He will need your help finding locations where we can get a clear signal and open communications. Since our old forward post was compromised as a result of last nights mission, we have established a new one a couple of clicks outside town. From there, proceed to branch out across the area to see if you can find any of these clear signal locations.

And again, keep an eye out while you work. We still haven’t finished flushing out our water supply, so there is still the possibility of running into contaminated members of the community. Trust no one, and we’ll keep working on a solution to this problem.

Best of luck out there, and stay safe.


Well…that could have gone better last night. Oh well….A NEW DAY MEANS NEW OPPORTUNITIES!

*Lets the excitement fizzle out into silence*


Meet at the courtyard between SEL and math building. There will be hidden messages strewn across campus within the play area today from 1-6 pm. They will be inside of manila envelopes marked with OSU HVZ on them. Humans are to scout out and find these messages to use as strategic Intel for the night mission tonight. All the while, zombies will be trying to kill you. So watch your back. And yes, OZs are still in play.
Lolz to the ozs.

Good luck has fun!

Infection AU'15 -- Night 1 (Wednesday) Mission


Hello again! Another update coming your way!

Excellent job out in the field today. We knew it would be difficult, and that it may come with some casualties. But thanks to your efforts, we found a multitude of suitable locations that will hopefully yield a large quantity of fresh water, plentiful food, and abundant ammunition.

Our research teams are out in the field now, assessing the locations you have marked. With any luck, they will be able to let us know later this evening which sites we can harvest resources from.

Make sure you rest and recuperate before tonight. Assuming the research teams are successful, we will be looking to move into Phase 2 of the resource collection plan as soon as possible. We will be gathering on the outskirts of town this evening to assess the situation and move from there.

If you can lend your strength, your support would be greatly appreciated by all who call this place home. Keep your eyes up and stay vigilant, and we will see you soon.


Good job with the day mission everyone. Much success, such wow!

As indicated in our info meetings, amnesty will begin at 7:00 PM. The briefing will start shortly after 7:30.

The human briefing will be in the basement of Hitchcock Hall, room 0035.

The zombie briefing will be on the South Oval.

Have fun out there! ;)

Infection AU'15 -- Day 1 (Wednesday) Mission


Greetings to you all! Dan here, bringing you all up to speed on our current situation.

As we discussed last night in our town hall meeting, it has been a harsh six months since we began our struggle against the infection. We knew it would be tough once the infection made its way to our little pocket of humanity, but we’ve held our own thanks to the hard work and dedication from all of you fine folk. But it was only a matter of time before our supplies started to give out.

Mr. Wilson, the water treatment specialist, has informed me that our water supply may not have been properly treated, and could already be contaminated. At this point, the council feels it is safer to assume his earlier estimates regarding resource depletion may not have been accurate. Needless to say, in conjunction with a rapidly diminishing food supply and dwindling ammunition reserves, we find ourselves in some dire straits.

Steve, our resident radio expert -- if you can call him that -- reports that he has lost contact with a number of our scouting parties. All parties were dispatched for routine supply runs over twelve hours ago, and none have reported back since. While their disappearance raises several alarming questions, and the safety of our people remains our utmost concern, the council believes it is more important for the sake of the community that we handle the resource situation first. That's why we're calling on all volunteers to step up and take over for the missing scouting parties. We need to immediately replenish our supplies and completely refresh our water reservoirs if we are to keep up with the resources necessary to sustain our community at its present level.

To this end, we will be establishing a forward post this afternoon several clicks away from town. From this post, we will send out smaller groups to hunt down and find locations with potential resources. If you manage to find a viable location, you are to mark the area so that our retrieval teams can return to test the site. Once we are sure the area is clear of contamination and the resources can be of use, we will come back and collect them as a larger group.

But watch your back out there! If Wilson is right, and the water HAS been contaminated, we may be facing a much bigger problem. Keep yourselves armed, work together as a team, but be wary and constantly alert. Potential contamination means your neighbors, friends, and even your families could already be infected -- possibly even working against us. Keep an eye on every person you come across, and report anything you find out of the ordinary. Trust that we are working as hard and as fast as we can on the issue. The safety and survival of everyone in town is our top priority.

I believe in all of you, and I’m honored to be working with you to keep our community safe. Best of luck out there. We are counting on you.


What’s up nerds?! The game is on! Our first day mission will take place from 12-4 PM, starting from the Sphinx Plaza, just north of the Thompson Library.

You will find a member of the organizational team (moderator or organizer) who will in turn supply you with chalk. Your task is to find an area on a campus sidewalk (be it on the oval, south oval, RPAC, between buildings, etc.) and chalk an advertisement for the game. Once you do, to prove you have indeed chalked the ad, take a photo and either upload it to the event on Facebook (Ohio State UGC INFECTION AU'15) OR use an online sharing service and include the link on the Infection General forums on the website under the Infection AU'15 Day 1 Mission thread. Selfies are permitted so long as the message is visible; we understand that your celebrity is important, and we want you to feel valued.

As this is a form of advertising our game, please spread these messages throughout campus. Covering the entire length of the Oval's center path may be impressive, but the same message would get redundant, and as such, lose effectiveness.

Please note: you may NOT chalk on walls, roads, or areas underneath an overhang. Strictly sidewalks only. This is per the administration's chalking policy.

IMPORTANT: This mission can be done by BOTH humans AND zombies!

HUMANS: You must successfully chalk the following statements:

Humans Vs Zombies Campus-Wide Nerf War

ZOMBIES: You must successfully chalk the following statements:

Zombies Vs Humans Campus-Wide Nerf War

You may repeat this process as many times as you like within the time frame. Doing so will earn you rewards/benefits for the night mission this evening. Once you have finished chalking and have pictures, return your chalk to the moderator or organizer at Sphinx.

Best of luck to you all! See you out in the field!

Infection AU'15 -- Opening Ceremony

In case you hadn't heard, Infection is nearly upon us! If you haven't already signed up, do so here!

Our Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place at 8:00 PM at Browning Amphitheatre. For those not familiar with our games, our Opening Ceremony is a quick meeting where we go over a few game-relevant announcements and run a brief skit introducing the plot.

We will have bandannas and KillIDs ready, so if you have already attended an info meeting, there will be ample opportunity to pick them up. Please bring your club dues to the Opening Ceremony; you will need to pay to pick up your bandanna, and without a bandanna, you will not be able to play! For those who have missed it, we have switched to a club dues system: $1 permits you access to a given event and covers your bandanna cost; $3 grants you full club membership, and will cover the cost of all events we run this year. More information about this policy can be found here.

The Opening Ceremony will be followed by another info meeting at Enarson (Central) Classroom Building, Room 258. You must attend at least one info meeting before picking up your KillID and bandanna. There will be another info meeting Friday evening for those who wish to join late, but tonight's will be the final info meeting before the game starts.

Speaking of which, the game will begin at midnight tonight. This means that, if you are outside on campus at 12:00 AM, October 21, you are vulnerable to zombie attack! (If for whatever reason, the info meeting runs obnoxiously long, we will give permission to those in attendance to return home before joining play.)

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Bounty Hunter!

Feeling Infection-withdraw? Don't worry, we've got another event coming on April 20th: Bounty Hunter!
Based on the Assassins game-type, players will be arming themselves with socks and roaming campus for their targets. The missions are much more freeform than Infection, so if you don't have a lot of time, that's okay!

Currently you need a Facebook account to play, but visit this post for more information.

SP'15 Infection Invitational Feedback

Please fill out the feedback form on our recent (April 10 - 11) Invitational! Remember, we would like your sincere feedback as it helps us create better games, so comments are appreciated!

You can "Save Draft" at any point, just remember to Submit when you finish! There are also some required responses, so make sure to check each section.

Thanks again for playing!