Night 3&4 Debrief

Stakes were high night 3 with each team rushing to complete their telegraph line and receive the message from the doctor in the next town. Needless to say Townsfolk and Outlaws spent most of the night taking down eachothers point and feeding the growing horde with no team actually managing to capture the final point. We may never learn what information that doctor had about this sickness spreading through town.


As you all might remember from the Info Meetings, today is the break day! NO MISSIONS TONIGHT, but you are still in play when you go outside!

And a reminder to zombies: submit your tags! Go to the /infection page and click the "Submit Tag" tab. Type in those 6 characters on the KillID and woo! that person you tagged is now a zombie and they can submit their tags.

Day mission 3

Day Mission 3: "Sieves and Shivs"

Come out to Hitchcock Plaza near the trees between Hitchcock and Knowlton from 12:00-3:00 today to earn some gold for your team.
Rules explained upon arrival.

Bandanas and kill IDs also able to be picked up at day mission.

Current Gold: Townsfolk (150) and Outlaws (355)

Also don't forget any new players must register before 4 pm today and attend the info meeting tonight.

Second Night Debrief

Townsfolk started strong taking the train at the beginning, Outlaws dominated the middle portion and defended the train from zombies for most of the night. Townsfolk swept in out of nowhere forcing the Outlaws to let them take the train rather than have to fend off both Zombies and Townsfolk. Townsfolk got the train to their point and won the second weapons unlock. ONLY TOWNSFOLK MAY NOW USE ELECTRONIC BLASTERS AND FULL AUTO BLASTERS. Stay tuned for day three mission information before 10am today.

Night Mission 2: Briefing Locations

(Original Zombies have been revealed! Thanks to the humans from both teams completing the day mission) Amnesty begins at 7 and lasts till mission start (this is also pvp amnesty) Briefings "begin" at 7:30 ( if you get there stupidly early its not entirely our fault if it seems like a long wait)
Townsfolk: Hitchcock Steps
Outlaws: RPAC Plaza
Zombies: Campbell Hall 309