Infection Fall 2012

Opening Ceremony: 8:45PM,  Browning Amphitheatre (One more Info Meeting directly afterward.)

If you do not make it to the last Info Meeting before 10/17/12, you have to wait until 10/19/12 before you can play. Make sure you sign up, as we are capping the late-registers number.


Water Wars

Guess what? It's still summer when school starts this year, so we're having a squirtgun fight on Welcome Weekend! Come out to the Lincoln Tower Fields to get wet! 

We will be playing team games like our normal Nerf Wars, only this time we're using squirtguns and splash bombs (*not actual detonation devices-- they're like sockballs for water). We will not be allowing Nerf or socks, so leave those at home. Water balloons are also not allowed. UGC may be providing a small arsenal for last-minute joiners, but everyone should go get a squirtgun or splash bomb before the 25th!