Infection Rules

NOTE: These rules sometimes take a passive-aggressive stance towards players. We apologize for the sometimes abrasive tone located in this document. This is intentional, however it is the only effective way to make sure rules are enforced and followed. Moderators are exceptionally nice and mostly funny people who will enforce these rules as fairly as possible.

There are many changes from last game in nearly every aspect of the rules. The excuse of 'not reading the rules', even for hardened veterans, will result in either instant, merciless zombification, or a 1 day stun period. You have been warned.

The following are the official rules and regulations for Infection at The Ohio State University. Excessive or repetitive violation of these rules will result in dismissal from the game and/or a possible report to the relevant authorities.

Infection is a a highly modified campus-wide game of tag lasting approximately one week. Zombies attempt to turn humans by stunning (or tagging) them. Humans defend themselves by hitting a zombie with a foam dart or sock ball.

The following rules are intended to cover ANY Infection dispute or question when a moderator is not around to solve it. Keep in mind, just because we didn't explicitly ban a activity or mention a tactic does not mean that the tactic or activity is either allowed or safe (Example: Parachuting into campus, building your own cardboard tank, etc).

Core Tenets


Rule #1: Don't be a douchebag

Rule #2: Always follow rule #1

Rule #3: Go about situations reasonably (We are all adults here. Remember this is just a game)

Rule #4: If an idea seems unsafe or can hurt another player, don't do it

Rule #5: If you feel like you are cheating, you probably are and should stop whatever activity you have engaged in immediately

Rule #6: If anyone is hurt, stop to help them or find an organizer/moderator

Rule #7: An organizer's decision is final in any situation

Rule #8: Any attempt to 'Push the boundaries of the rules' or 'walk a fine line' will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and probably severely.

Rule #9: Chase Violet can't have fun. (But he can have chicken not to exceed 1 piece)


General Physical Safety Rules


These should be obvious to all players. The purpose of this section is to explicitly mention what movements may not take place at any time during Infection. The breaking of any of these rules will dealt with in a very, very harsh manner, and once again without mercy. Any activity not specified here that looks unsafe will be deemed to be so on the spot and the player(s) will be warned/punished/ejected on the spot.

Rule #1: Don't be stupid. Be aware of your surroundings-- in previous games, people have run into trees or slipped on wet grating.

Rule #2: No vaulting at fast speed over objects. Vaulting is the act of using arms or legs in order to quickly pass over rails or fences. A fast speed is anything more than a normal walking speed. You can cautiously/calmly step over objects that are in your way (such as chain-link fences).

Rule #3: No climbing. Period. Even for 'Recon'.

Rule #4: No diving.

Rule #5: Absolutely no 'Parkour' or similar activity.

Rule #6: No tackling. Any player found tackling will be dealt with severely, including the possibility of police action for assault.

Rule #7: No biting.

Human Rules


The objective of the humans is to survive to the last day and complete the final mission.


Humans will wear a bandanna around their upper arm (bicep) at all times. It may not be concealed by any object. The bandanna may also not be camouflaged (by wearing very similar colors, etc). Bandannas cannot be rolled thin, or folded in any way to hide them-- they must be at least 2 inches wide.

Humans must have their ID card with them at all times. The ID consists of a unique and randomized 'kill code'. ID cards are required for mission attendance. ID cards are not required for a zombie to tag a human. If for some extraordinary reason a ID card is not present for a tag, the username will be given to the zombie in some way.


Every night there are missions for humans to complete. Humans are required to attend as many as possible.


1. Nerf Blasters

Nerf blasters are considered any non-organic device used to propel foam darts. Nerf blasters may not be painted. Dark paint, camo patterns, metallic paint, and painting grips is especially prohibited. Nerf blasters may not be modified in any way. Especially prohibited modifications include anything that makes a Nerf blaster look similar to a real gun, and anything that compromises the structural integrity of a pressurized Nerf blaster. PVC blasters may not exceed a total length of 1 meter (3.28 feet).

Tags to a blaster do not count, unless the human is purposely using their blaster to shield themselves/ward off a zombie's hands.

2. Socks

Socks are thrown by a human to (hopefully) hit a zombie. Socks must be rolled into a shape resembling either a ball or cylinder. Only one sock may be thrown at a time from each hand. Tape is allowed, but may not exceed more then 6 inches of length. The socks may not resemble rocks and must be easily able to fit onto a foot of a adult human. Humans may not put any objects into the center of the socks (including tape).

--- No Ricocheted Projectiles

Ricocheted darts/socks/etc. do not count as a stun. Darts/socks/etc. cannot touch anything other than a zombie, otherwise they are considered inactive.

--- No modified darts

Darts should not be modified in any way. Hot glue, weights, straws, etc. will not be acceptable and will be confiscated/destroyed when found. Homemade darts fall under this category.

You are only allowed to write your name/mark on the darts.

--No Shields

You cannot use any sort of cardboard/Nerf/etc. contraption to shield yourself from stuns.

--No Melee

You cannot use melee weapons (including the Nerf lines of swords, hatchets, etc.).


The act of stunning a zombie involves the zed being hit by a sock or foam dart. The foam dart must be launched from a Nerf blaster. The sock must leave the hand of the human, the dart must be outside of the Nerf blaster (including barrels). A foam dart or sock is 'dead' once it hits any object other than air or another dart/sock


Congratulations! You just unlocked the best of the game! In order to be zombified, a human must first be tagged by a zombie. Look to the zombie section for what constitutes a tag. Once a tag has taken place, the former human will move their bandanna to around their neck. They are now a stunned zombie and must wait the typical stun period. Afterwards they become a zombie.



Zombie Rules


Objective: Braaiiinnnsss....


Zombies will wear the bandanna around their heads. A stunned zombie wears their bandanna around the neck. The bandanna may not be covered, even partially, by any object. Bandannas may not be camouflaged. Bandannas cannot be rolled thin, or folded in any way to hide them-- they must be at least 2 inches wide.


When you are stunned (hit with a sock/dart) you are prohibited from interacting with the game IN ANY WAY beyond picking up darts/socks. You are out of the game for 5 minutes. If you are stunned again during this period, the 5 minutes starts over. If a zombie is part of a large group and is stunned, they must immediately raise their arms until you're out of the way. While a zombie is stunned they may not relay intel to ANY zombies (active or stunned) in ANY way (cell, word-of-mouth, etc.)


A successful tag on a human requires touching their body with the full-face of the palm. Just grazing them with your fingertips doesn't count. During missions, one zombie may only tag 2 people at one time. After the second tag you cannot tag anyone else until you get the kill IDs from the previous 2 tags. If a zombie knocks down or injures a player or executes any other overly kinetic tag, that tag does not count and the human gets to walk away from the scene.

A purposeful "tag" to a human's blaster while it is in their hands does not count. If the human is wearing the blaster on their back, or using their blaster as a shield/way to stop the zombie's hands, it is fair game.

You cannot hug a group of people at once. You only have two hands-- therefore only the two people you touched with the full-face of the palm count.

--No Shields

You cannot use any sort of cardboard/Nerf/etc. contraption to shield yourself from darts.


Misc Rules


The main purpose of this game is to have fun and to meet new people. The purpose of the game is not to win. If you forget this at any time, you will be assumed to be in violation of Rule #1. If you create an environment that does not promote enjoyment for others, you will be banned from the game.

If someone is hurt, please stop to help them no matter what team they're on.

Please treat people with respect, do not gloat, do not excessively exert dominance (immediately demanding the ID etc).

100% of players will become a zombie. 96% of players will be a zombie by the final missions. You WILL get tagged, and in all probability, it WILL be soon after the game starts. Embrace your transfer to the winning side.

Safe Zones

All players may enter safe zones during game play. Humans are invulnerable and may shoot from safe zones. Safe zones are as follows: any staircase with more than 4 steps (one step is a vertical face), the human base(s), and any area specified by the Organizers during game play. Safe zones do not apply during night missions, however-- so do not seek shelter on stairs, bus shelters, etc. when you are playing the night missions!

No Play Zones

Players may NOT enter these during game play. PERIOD. These may only be entered if your "real" life requires it. The game shall never be played in these areas.

No play zones are as follows: any major road around campus, parking garages, the medical center, loading docks for trucks around buildings, and any area with enough non-players that running into or shooting one of them would be inevitable.


DO NOT RUN ACROSS HIGH STREET/LANE AVENUE TO TAG/STUN PEOPLE. High Street/Lane Avenue is a no-play zone and out of bounds.



Non-participants may not interact with the game. At all. Ever. They do not exist. If you shoot any of them, request intelligence from any of them, or disrupt their otherwise boring college student lives, you will catch on fire and burn in hell. Just kidding. But an appropriate punishment will take place.

Additional Safety Rules

Once a human is within immediate vicinity (read: radius) of an accessible door when entering to any Ohio State facility, they are unable to be tagged.

When a human leaves a building, they are safe for 10 seconds/10 steps, whichever comes first, or until they attempt to stun a zombie during this safe time.


When a zombie leaves a building, there is a 5 second no-tag period. They can still be stunned during this time (please don't camp doorways).


When a zombie enters from off campus, they are stunned for 5 min. or until they enter a building on campus. Do not charge across High Street or Lane.


Do not use vehicles-- cars, bikes, skateboards, other people, etc.-- while you are playing this game. If it is absolutely necessary that you use these things to get to class on time (but not so that you can sleep in an extra five minutes), keep your bandanna on, but you are essentially in a no-play zone. DO NOT be playing while on, or when hunting someone who is on, a vehicle.


We reserve the right to change the rules (temporarily or permanently) whenever we deem it appropriate.