Infection Spring 2014

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Monday, March 31, 2014 - 12:00am to Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 11:30pm

Register to play our Infection game, March 30th-April 5th!

The Opening Ceremony is March 30th-- gameplay doesn't start until March 31st at midnight!

3/22: Hitchcock Hall 031; 2:30PM - *Veteran
3/22: Hitchcock Hall 031; 4:00PM - Everyone
3/24: Independence Hall 100; 7:00PM - Everyone
3/25: Hitchcock Hall 035; 6:00PM - *Veteran
3/26: Hitchcock Hall 035; 7:30PM - Everyone
3/30: Independence Hall 100; After OC - Everyone

(*Veteran Info Meetings are reserved for players who have played TWO (2) or MORE games of Infection run by UGC; if you haven't played two or more games, please attend an Everyone Info Meeting.)
Remember, you only have to attend ONE (1) Info Meeting to receive your bandanna and KillID, both of which are required to play! If you cannot make it to any of these dates, send in a Support Ticket: , and we'll try to work something out.
Make sure you have signed up for the Infection game on the website at least two hours before the Info Meeting you're planning on attending, just so that we have time to get your KillID printed.

There is also a Twitter feed for the game, that is currently being tested out (hopefully it works)-- you can opt-in to receive texts to your phone about mission details as they are tweeted, regardless of if you have a Twitter account or not! Text to 40404: ON UGCInfectionS14

Please be aware that this game is using a Weapons-Unlock system. At the start of the game, until you earn the right to use them, you will only be allowed to use:
-Blasters with an internal magazine system of 10 darts or less (Such as the Strongarm, Roughcut, Vortex Diatron, Vortex Vigilon, Maverick, etc.)
-Blasters with no internal magazine system, but with use of 6-round clips (Such as the Rampage, Alpha Trooper, etc.). You are allowed to carry more than one 6-round clip at a time, but you are not allowed to load your blaster with anything larger than a 6-round clip, until unlocked.

Electric/battery-operated firing systems (Such as the Stryfe, Barricade, etc.) and automatic systems (Such as the Rapidstrike, Stampede, Magstrike, etc.) are not permitted until unlocked.

Socks and blowguns are allowed from the beginning of the game. Good luck.