A thanks to the entire community

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A thanks to the entire community

As a few of you know, I'm not native to these parts. I spent my undergraduate days at Youngstown State University, and just recently graduated from there. For almost as long as you guys have been running games here, we've been fighting tooth and nail to get them at our school. Last semester, our campus police chief retired (we like to think we badgered him out of office) and we had a whole new administration to deal with from the police side of things. Just recently, we had our first meeting with the incoming chief. Long story short, he knows some people in the OSU police force. And they rather like you guys. A lot. So on behalf of everyone up here, thank you for putting the game and the community into a good light. You're not only helping keep the game running at OSU, but you're helping other schools get their games off the ground.

Also, a translation for the bros - You won too much to be contained to just one campus.

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That's awesome to hear! I'm so glad that worked out for you guys!

-- Bro-mom broodmother

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You're Welcome. We do what We

You're Welcome. We do what We can.

"They win again. I didn't even know it was a competition." - admin

"Let's be honest. It never was much of a competition." - Pat