Multi-Collegiate Nerf Competition

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Multi-Collegiate Nerf Competition

Fellow Nerf Enthusiasts,

I have an idea to connect us with our brethren from other colleges in a way never done before. The Greeks were the first to hold competitions of strength, speed, and stamina. I propose a similar gathering. Ball State's campus will replace Olympia, Greece, and foam, rubber, and plastic will replace the bronze, wood, and iron of the Greeks. I will have many different game types, and challenges, for the competitors to measure their prowess. Some of the bigger events will be Capture the Flag, VIP Escort, and Team Elimination. Some lesser competitions, proficiency competitions, modding competitions, gunslinger heaven, king of the hill, griffball and shootout. This competition will not solely consist of competitions between the colleges, but also between our fraternities, sororities, dorms, and other organizations. Another game type, Four-Horsemen, will consist of teams of 4 chosen from a random draw of all players. This game type will help to foster camaraderie with our brethren. Another way to support this interaction is through classes, some will be taught by our people and possibly some by your people, and those from other colleges. Some class topics include: modding, game mechanics, how to run a good event, and an open forum on game ideas for next year. This idea is not yet approved by my exec board, and I need some help prepping my pitch before I submit it to them. So I am looking for someone from your school if you are interested as a liason. This idea may flop, or may be really amazing, and I want to keep you guys in the loop an make sure you are a part of this. The hope is to run this next school year, and that maybe the school year after that, another school would run it, like you guys.

If you wish to help please let me know, I want to make this a multi-college effort. I am going to also talk to Bowling Green and a few others.

****Just to inform you guys I do not represent BSU UGL, I am here on my own accord trying to get a feeling of what I should do to finalize my game before I pitch it and I would love your help.****

P.S. something being discussed on my forum is the objectivity of the modding competition. It would have pistol, rifle, and handmade categories. It would be laid on a flat table to be fired for range and grouping. Also a representative from each school would vote to decide, most flashy, most creative, etc.

P.P.S. I was talking to Purdue students and they suggested two other game types: zombie skills(dodging darts, sprints, sneakiness, etc.); and Thunderdome

Please suggest new game types, the more options we have the better. We will need to narrow or list down to make it fit in one weekend. Also reply if you like the idea, or not, any opinion helps.