Night 2: Debrief

I'm gone for two days and everything has gone to hell? All I asked was for the employee lounge to be cleaned I didn't expect you to blow up the rest of the office. Still after hearing about this "Barry" I am impressed with your resourcefulness and am granting everyone full access to the employee lounge and all company equipment so we can find him and make him pay for the damages. Despite the office still being a mess I still expect everyone to show up for work tonight as well as running an errand for Krieger during the day. -Malory


Humans: you have earned your second weapons unlock, all blasters may now be used. You have also earned yourself a safe zone, the entire area around the RPAC (to be updated on the map shortly) will now be a safe area. There will be a day mission from 12pm-3pm check the website for more information soon.

Zombies: Keep up the good work!