Thursday Day Mission 4/3/14

Krieger here. I've been working on a substance that might counteract the zombie transformation process. With Malory out of the office, I had to hide some of the compounds I was testing from Pam. I'll need you all to gather the various forms of what we'll call "Krieger Powder" so I can continue my experiments.

Unfortunately, I'll need your help with those as well. I may have underestimated the volatility of my Krieger Balls.... Long story short, when the office went up in flames, so did my notes. And without the right combination of each type of Krieger Powder, I will be unable to proceed with my experiments.

Oh! And while you're out there, if you find Piggly, please get him back to my lab. He's been a bit temperamental as of late, and I don't want him getting hurt. I hope he hasn't eaten any Krieger Powder....

- Dr. Krieger

Go to any of these supply points across campus to pick up bags of sand: behind Knowlton (from 1-3PM), Drake, and 18th Avenue Library (SEL for those unwilling to acknowledge the name change). Bring the bags back to the west side of the RPAC (at the overhang near the tennis courts) to complete a puzzle with the bags. This mission will take place from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.

  • The RPAC plaza and the area under the overhang are part of a safe zone.
  • Each attempt at the puzzle will require six (6) bags of sand; once an attempt has been made, that sand will be spent, and another six (6) bags will be required for each subsequent attempt.
  • DO NOT open the bags or mix the various colors of sand.
  • Each human may collect two (2) bags of sand from each point every fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Sand may be left at the RPAC for others to use for the puzzle, and sand may be handed off to other humans.
  • If humans die with sand, that sand becomes out of play, and must be dropped off at the RPAC or the night mission briefing.
  • Only the humans getting the bag is safe, and 10 seconds, 10 steps for humans leaving the points. 

The mission will take place from 12:00pm until 3:00pm today. The relevant areas are the RPAC, behind Knowlton (from 1-3PM), Drake, and the 18th Avenue Library (SEL for the older kids).

  • The RPAC plaza and the overhang on the west side near the tennis courts are safe zones.
  • You may not collect sand from the supply points or take them from humans