Night 3: Debrief

I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, Barry is definitely still alive, and I still can't find Piggly. Good news is, the shot he took blew a hole in him larger than Lana's man hands, so it'll take some time before he repairs.

Furthermore, we recovered one of his photovoltaic cells from the carnage. I was able to use his Soviet technology to create devices that, using artificial light, actively repel zombies. I call them Krieger Beacons. Unfortunately, without the manpower to gather all of the circuitry from Barry's cybornetic components, I was only able to assemble a few dozen Krieger Beacons. Assuming the field agents did their jobs, they should already be in place.

- Dr. Krieger

All light poles in the area contained by College, Neil, 12th, and 18th are safe zones for humans that are touching them with at least one of their palms. These will not be active as safe zones during night missions. This section is reduced from the entire campus, as attendance for the mission was low.

That car was truly the finest in Soviet technology! Be advised that the area between College, Neil, 12th, and 18th is now riddled with safe zones: all light posts in that region are now safe for any human touching them with at least one palm. Fear not, as they will not be active during night missions. Happy hunting!