Finale: Briefing Locations

Humans: RPAC Plaza (reserved) SEL/18th Ave Library Courtyard
Zombies: Hitchcock Plaza

Amnesty starts at 6:30PM, Briefings to start around 7:00PM. No Humans can be tagged from 6:30PM to Mission Start.

Because it is Kids&Sibs weekend, there are a lot of events going on today. There is no day mission, but you are still in play. Please be courteous and do not interact with non-players-- everything you do while wearing your bandannas is a reflection of your club. Let's make those chillins want to come to OSU when they "grow up".

There is a 24-hour marathon on the Oval, and we have been asked to not go on the Oval at all. Please steer clear of the area in everything you do today (including the night mission).

There is also the Renaissance Faire on the South Oval from 11-6PM, from our understanding. Please keep all play away from that area as well.