Night 3&4 Debrief

Stakes were high night 3 with each team rushing to complete their telegraph line and receive the message from the doctor in the next town. Needless to say Townsfolk and Outlaws spent most of the night taking down eachothers point and feeding the growing horde with no team actually managing to capture the final point. We may never learn what information that doctor had about this sickness spreading through town. After seeing that this sickness seems to be spreading via bites both groups decided that armour would be the best way to protect themselves and set out to gather cows for their leather. While neither group brought enough cows to the tanner to get full protection he was able to throw together some protection for you. During the day humans MAY NOT be tagged in the torso, arms and legs are still taggable. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of this change.