Night Five Debrief & Day Mission 6

We've all knows that this was coming but bloodbath is the only way to describe the events in town last night. We knew this day would come, with the Sheriff putting a price on the outlaws and outlaw sympathisers and Wilson doing the exact same thing to important townsfolk. Townsfolk bailed near the start of the mission and have lost nearly every NPC on their side. Outlaws managed to execute the priest and collected the 50 gold bounty Wilson put on his head, the outlaws also managed to protect a few of their own keeping their sources of bonus information. It is a sad day in town as with no one left to defend them both the Sheriff and the loyal deputy (Townsfolk Turret) perished to the zombie horde. With the Sheriff gone Wilson has taken over the town, PvP still functions as normal however both teams will come to the same info meeting tonight. Other important information, both the Doctor and the Tanner died last night to the zombies meaning that you have permanently lost your PvP player medics and you have also lost your day mission armor.
Day Mission 6: 12:30 to 4:00 Sphinx Plaza (Yellow star), you'll be assembling things and only one person building will be completely safe at a time. (Hint, find and bring some cardboard with you)