Infection AU'15 -- Opening Ceremony

In case you hadn't heard, Infection is nearly upon us! If you haven't already signed up, do so here!

Our Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place at 8:00 PM at Browning Amphitheatre. For those not familiar with our games, our Opening Ceremony is a quick meeting where we go over a few game-relevant announcements and run a brief skit introducing the plot.

We will have bandannas and KillIDs ready, so if you have already attended an info meeting, there will be ample opportunity to pick them up. Please bring your club dues to the Opening Ceremony; you will need to pay to pick up your bandanna, and without a bandanna, you will not be able to play! For those who have missed it, we have switched to a club dues system: $1 permits you access to a given event and covers your bandanna cost; $3 grants you full club membership, and will cover the cost of all events we run this year. More information about this policy can be found here.

The Opening Ceremony will be followed by another info meeting at Enarson (Central) Classroom Building, Room 258. You must attend at least one info meeting before picking up your KillID and bandanna. There will be another info meeting Friday evening for those who wish to join late, but tonight's will be the final info meeting before the game starts.

Speaking of which, the game will begin at midnight tonight. This means that, if you are outside on campus at 12:00 AM, October 21, you are vulnerable to zombie attack! (If for whatever reason, the info meeting runs obnoxiously long, we will give permission to those in attendance to return home before joining play.)

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!