Infection AU'15 -- Day 1 (Wednesday) Mission


Greetings to you all! Dan here, bringing you all up to speed on our current situation.

As we discussed last night in our town hall meeting, it has been a harsh six months since we began our struggle against the infection. We knew it would be tough once the infection made its way to our little pocket of humanity, but we’ve held our own thanks to the hard work and dedication from all of you fine folk. But it was only a matter of time before our supplies started to give out.

Mr. Wilson, the water treatment specialist, has informed me that our water supply may not have been properly treated, and could already be contaminated. At this point, the council feels it is safer to assume his earlier estimates regarding resource depletion may not have been accurate. Needless to say, in conjunction with a rapidly diminishing food supply and dwindling ammunition reserves, we find ourselves in some dire straits.

Steve, our resident radio expert -- if you can call him that -- reports that he has lost contact with a number of our scouting parties. All parties were dispatched for routine supply runs over twelve hours ago, and none have reported back since. While their disappearance raises several alarming questions, and the safety of our people remains our utmost concern, the council believes it is more important for the sake of the community that we handle the resource situation first. That's why we're calling on all volunteers to step up and take over for the missing scouting parties. We need to immediately replenish our supplies and completely refresh our water reservoirs if we are to keep up with the resources necessary to sustain our community at its present level.

To this end, we will be establishing a forward post this afternoon several clicks away from town. From this post, we will send out smaller groups to hunt down and find locations with potential resources. If you manage to find a viable location, you are to mark the area so that our retrieval teams can return to test the site. Once we are sure the area is clear of contamination and the resources can be of use, we will come back and collect them as a larger group.

But watch your back out there! If Wilson is right, and the water HAS been contaminated, we may be facing a much bigger problem. Keep yourselves armed, work together as a team, but be wary and constantly alert. Potential contamination means your neighbors, friends, and even your families could already be infected -- possibly even working against us. Keep an eye on every person you come across, and report anything you find out of the ordinary. Trust that we are working as hard and as fast as we can on the issue. The safety and survival of everyone in town is our top priority.

I believe in all of you, and I’m honored to be working with you to keep our community safe. Best of luck out there. We are counting on you.


What’s up nerds?! The game is on! Our first day mission will take place from 12-4 PM, starting from the Sphinx Plaza, just north of the Thompson Library.

You will find a member of the organizational team (moderator or organizer) who will in turn supply you with chalk. Your task is to find an area on a campus sidewalk (be it on the oval, south oval, RPAC, between buildings, etc.) and chalk an advertisement for the game. Once you do, to prove you have indeed chalked the ad, take a photo and either upload it to the event on Facebook (Ohio State UGC INFECTION AU'15) OR use an online sharing service and include the link on the Infection General forums on the website under the Infection AU'15 Day 1 Mission thread. Selfies are permitted so long as the message is visible; we understand that your celebrity is important, and we want you to feel valued.

As this is a form of advertising our game, please spread these messages throughout campus. Covering the entire length of the Oval's center path may be impressive, but the same message would get redundant, and as such, lose effectiveness.

Please note: you may NOT chalk on walls, roads, or areas underneath an overhang. Strictly sidewalks only. This is per the administration's chalking policy.

IMPORTANT: This mission can be done by BOTH humans AND zombies!

HUMANS: You must successfully chalk the following statements:

Humans Vs Zombies Campus-Wide Nerf War

ZOMBIES: You must successfully chalk the following statements:

Zombies Vs Humans Campus-Wide Nerf War

You may repeat this process as many times as you like within the time frame. Doing so will earn you rewards/benefits for the night mission this evening. Once you have finished chalking and have pictures, return your chalk to the moderator or organizer at Sphinx.

Best of luck to you all! See you out in the field!