Infection AU'15 -- Night 1 (Wednesday) Mission


Hello again! Another update coming your way!

Excellent job out in the field today. We knew it would be difficult, and that it may come with some casualties. But thanks to your efforts, we found a multitude of suitable locations that will hopefully yield a large quantity of fresh water, plentiful food, and abundant ammunition.

Our research teams are out in the field now, assessing the locations you have marked. With any luck, they will be able to let us know later this evening which sites we can harvest resources from.

Make sure you rest and recuperate before tonight. Assuming the research teams are successful, we will be looking to move into Phase 2 of the resource collection plan as soon as possible. We will be gathering on the outskirts of town this evening to assess the situation and move from there.

If you can lend your strength, your support would be greatly appreciated by all who call this place home. Keep your eyes up and stay vigilant, and we will see you soon.


Good job with the day mission everyone. Much success, such wow!

As indicated in our info meetings, amnesty will begin at 7:00 PM. The briefing will start shortly after 7:30.

The human briefing will be in the basement of Hitchcock Hall, room 0035.

The zombie briefing will be on the South Oval.

Have fun out there! ;)