Infection AU'15 -- Day 2 (Thursday) Mission


Hello everyone. Dan here. I’m glad to see that most of you made it back alive. Let’s take a moment of silence to remember the fallen.


What happened last night was...unexpected. We knew that we would run into zombie forces, especially after the confirmation of our water sources being contaminated. But how could we have known that there would be human resistance as well? They didn’t make their presence known at all, even while the research teams spent hours reviewing their area. They moved in at the most inopportune time, and our people paid the price.

Damn those yolkles.

But thanks to your quick thinking and response to the situation, we managed to get about 30% of what we initially intended to grab. That is enough food, water and ammo to sustain us for now, but it will not last. Now that there is a human presence causing us trouble, in conjunction with the growing numbers of the zombie horde, we have to change tactics and see if we can bolster our numbers in response.

I have Steve working on boosting our radio signal, to see if we can make contact with other groups that can help us. He will need your help finding locations where we can get a clear signal and open communications. Since our old forward post was compromised as a result of last nights mission, we have established a new one a couple of clicks outside town. From there, proceed to branch out across the area to see if you can find any of these clear signal locations.

And again, keep an eye out while you work. We still haven’t finished flushing out our water supply, so there is still the possibility of running into contaminated members of the community. Trust no one, and we’ll keep working on a solution to this problem.

Best of luck out there, and stay safe.


Well…that could have gone better last night. Oh well….A NEW DAY MEANS NEW OPPORTUNITIES!

*Lets the excitement fizzle out into silence*


Meet at the courtyard between SEL and math building. There will be hidden messages strewn across campus within the play area today from 1-6 pm. They will be inside of manila envelopes marked with OSU HVZ on them. Humans are to scout out and find these messages to use as strategic Intel for the night mission tonight. All the while, zombies will be trying to kill you. So watch your back. And yes, OZs are still in play.
Lolz to the ozs.

Good luck has fun!