Infection AU'15 -- Night 2 (Thursday) Mission


Alright guys. Excellent job out there today. Steve was able to boost the signal thanks to you -- success was almost immediate. We’ve received several signals that we plan to investigate.

We are going to be gathering in force tonight on the outskirts of town to decipher the messages and strategize our next move. Bring whatever intelligence you may have gathered while out in the field today, as it could be necessary to help our plan. And come well armed. If there are people out there that need rescued or groups that would be willing to join forces with us, we need to get to them.

This could be the breakthrough we need to preserve our community. I hope you can lend us your strength again tonight. Good luck out there. Let us know if you find anything out of the ordinary.


Amnesty begins at 7:00 PM.

Humans meet outside Hitchcock Hall (on the west side) for briefing.

Zombies meet at South Oval for briefing.