Infection AU'15 -- Day 3 (Friday) Mission


Hello everyone! Dan reporting in following last night’s mission.

Apparently changing tactics was the right thing to do after all! After decoding the transmissions and pinpointing the locations of the radio signals, you guys made quick work of getting those people back to town. While we didn’t save everyone and lost several of our own to the horde, I can easily say their sacrifices were not in vain!

First of all, Jane Cena has happily joined our ranks to fight the Horde. Her impressive melee skills and impeccable courage will certainly prove useful in the coming days.

The military operatives who were rescued came with a large stock of ammunition, on top of upgrading and improving our weapons. Now we face the horde with an even stronger force!

And the biochemists have had no problem at all with cleaning out our water supply. They’ve isolated and separated the infected contaminants from the water, and are currently using it to help identify the hidden infected within our ranks.

Things are looking up people! We may have a shot at getting out of this alive after all!

The technicians you rescued last night have been working non-stop to develop a trap system that will help us dwindle the zombie numbers trying to breach our perimeter. After working throughout the night, they believe they have perfected their design and are ready to construct the traps.

We have dispatched military operatives who have successfully cleared out a forward operating post once again. The technicians will be gathering there today between 1 and 3 pm, and will need help constructing as many traps as possible. Once a trap has been constructed, it will need to be safely transported to a deployment station where the science team will lace them with a neutralizing agent before deployment tonight. The more traps we get there safely, the more zombies we will be able to neutralize in the future.

Although the carriers, or hidden zombies, have been eliminated, you must continue to stay alert. They managed to deal some severe damage to our ranks before we found them. The infected numbers continue to grow with each passing hour, and it is likely you will run into resistance while constructing these traps! Work together, trust your teammates, and together we will make it through this alive!


Hallooo! Welcome to Day 3! As a result of the humans successfully rescuing 5/6 points last night, they have unlocked Tier 2 weapons, and have revealed the OZs! Great success!

For the Day Mission today, the humans will gather at Sphinx Plaza starting at 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm. They will be given instructions to construct zombie traps using PVC pipes. Once they match the design specs, they will carry their construction elsewhere. Once it is dropped off at the specified point safely or destroyed in route, a moderator will return to Sphinx, at which point the humans can begin transporting another trap. This process can be repeated as many times as possible within the timeframe.

ZOMBIES: You may tag humans at any point during this process, as there are no safe zones during construction and movement of traps. Do not touch or interact with the PVC in any way, as it will stun you (traps, remember?). Simply have fun feasting on distracted humans.

Now get out there, you crazy little rascals! And have fun!