Must Register Again?

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Must Register Again?

Why does the website keep popping up "User Data Not Transferred From the Old Site, Must Register Again"? I know it's lying to me, as I'm registered and bandana'd and KillID'd, but it's kinda annoying.

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You're fine, since you're

You're fine, since you're obviously registered on this site. It's just a reminder (that's a little buggy-- it does it to the organizers too) to everyone else who hasn't signed up yet.

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Yeah. It does do it to

Yeah. It does do it to organizers too.

"They win again. I didn't even know it was a competition." - admin

"Let's be honest. It never was much of a competition." - Pat

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In case anyone wants to know

In case anyone wants to know why its doing this......

Drupal calls a hook called hook_init every time a http request is sent. I just threw a quick check to see if the current user is registered.

Turns out I didn't think about all the AJAX calls on this site.... (AJAX calls are when you want to load something after the page has finished loading) Whenever an AJAX call is made, hook_init is also called, and a new message is prepared to be posted. Since the ajax call doesn't actually load a full webpage, it (most of the time) waits until the next full page request to show the message. At which point any messages from AJAX calls will be displayed. So if you see something like "Register now bitches X 57" that means that that message was supposed to be posted 57 times.

Before I enabled them to stack, their would literally be 50 messages telling me to register for infection. I enabled stacking and figured it was good enough for now.

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