Infection AU'15 -- Night 3 (Friday) Mission


Good job out there today with the traps. I understand that the tech’s designs are a bit eccentric but they assure me they are optimal for zombie capture. So thank you for your help given the circumstances.

We are meeting at the same place this evening. We’ll be able to get a count from the science team regarding how many traps are ready for use. And from there, we’ll be branching out and deploying them around our perimeter. Hopefully, this will lighten the burden the horde has been placing on us and give us some room to maneuver.

Also, please arrive in a respectful and somber mood. We will be having a vigil and some moments of silence tonight. I do not wish to discuss the details over comms, other than we have experienced a great loss.

We will see you soon.


FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY.... Oops! Did that slip out?

Amnesty begins at 7:00 pm!

Humans meet in Hitchcock 035 at 7:30 pm for briefing.

Zombies meet at South Oval at 7:30 pm for briefing.