The title says it all folks! Best of luck to you out there! May the odds be ever in your favor!

As you may or may not have noticed, each of you have been assigned to a squad page for your faction, ISO or Program. If you were not assigned to a faction or added to a squad page, please comment below or send a support ticket and we will make sure you are added.

Those squad pages will be for open communication among the members of that squad only. Feel free to share locations, information, etc. on those pages. You will also be able to read faction specific plot and mission information on those pages. So keep tabs on them! You can find them under the squads tab on the third page of listings. Inf16 ISOs and Inf16 Programs.

Also make sure to refer to both the front page and the Facebook page for information as well. And as always, if you have any questions, please let us know either via a support ticket or on Facebook.

Please note, if you did not receive your bandana or KillID at the opening ceremony tonight, you may pick them up at either the first day or night mission that you attend. Report there to get everything that you need, and then you can begin play.

Finally, OV's are active. So make sure to watch your back. If you signed up to be an OV but have not been contacted, unfortunately RNGesus had other plans for you. Feel free to enjoy the game as a human or virus depending on how you play. But please be sure to not operate under OV rules. Your kills will not be counted until you actually become a virus.

We'll see you out there! GAME ON!