The War of the Grid: Day 1 Mission


Tension has been building ever since the ISO's first appeared on the Grid. To the User Kevin Flynn, the ISO's are a miracle. They appeared from the mysterious depths of the code, suddenly, with no known catalyst. They had their own functions. They had FREE WILL! And their only wish was to live in peace and harmony with the basic programs. While Flynn was overjoyed at their arrival, his System Administrator Clu was absolutely not.

Clu was a direct result of Kevin Flynn's genius. His coding, presumed to be flawless. How could he not be perfect, considering he was the spitting image of his God? His one, main directive, received directly from Flynn himself, was to create the perfect system. And in no time at all, Clu had accomplished many incredible things attempting to achieve that goal.

But in his initiative, there was no room for outliers. No room for spontaneous creation. Clu sees the ISO's and their leader Radia as corruption and imperfection that needs to be erased from his paradise of a Grid. It has been 5 years since the ISO arrival. And Clu has passively argued every day with Flynn to send their kind packing.

In recent cycles, Flynn has remained off-grid in his world presumably to tend to the hardware maintenance of the system. And in his absence, Clu has become more aggressive. Without Flynn to hold him back, he has taken the opportunity to limit the ISO spread as much as possible. In negotiations held earlier today, Clu was forcing the ISO representative Quorra to agree to limit the ISO territory to only 5 gigabytes, to be located in the Bostrum Colony far away from Tron City. Quorra fought and pleaded with Clu and his right-hand man Jarvis for mercy. But Clu wasn't willing to oblige.

That was the last calm moment the Grid would experience for a long, long time.

In mere Nano-cycles, the door to the negotiation hall was blown loose from its hinges; the guards, brutally murdered. When the chaos subsided, a tall, dark, evil creature stood over the fallen bodies, cackling menacingly. It called itself the Abraxas virus, and it blamed all in attendance for its abominable creation.

The representatives, in a vain attempt to protect themselves, drew their energy weapons and opened fire on the creature. A hail-fire of pure energy exploded all over its body. But when the smoke and dust cleared, Abraxas stood firm; completely unaffected.

After threatening and teasing all in attendance, Abraxas promised he would soon kill them all. But he wanted it to be a challenge; he wanted to have some fun. He swore that he would build an army after slaying every soldier in theirs and infecting them. His unstoppable virus will spread. And inevitably, all will fall before his mighty infection.

As he left the representatives in disbelief, Abraxas infected and converted the fallen programs into viruses; the first members of his new army. It was truly horrifying to watch the code of the programs be crudely and violently re-written into viruses. Before anyone could stop them, they vanished.

No sooner did the door to the negotiation hall close did the accusations start flying. Quorra immediately blamed Clu and the programs for Abraxas's creation. Clu, in turn, called out the ISO leader Radia and her imperfections as being responsible. Before the energy bullets started flying once again, Quorra fled the hall; the programs immediately chasing after her.

Since the incident, both factions have agreed that peace is no longer an option and declared open war. Both sides stand firm on their beliefs, and will fight to both defeat the other faction and stop the spread of the virus. In this crucial time, the Leaders of each side have called upon their soldiers to spread across the grid and recruit more to their cause. If they can get enough numbers on their side, it could greatly sway the tide of the entire war even before the first shot has fired.

In addition to this, greater numbers means greater defense against the virus. If not enough support is gathered, one faction may fall before conflict even begins.

It falls to you, the soldiers to complete this recruitment task. Gather as much strength for your faction as you can. It could make all the difference in the many hard days to come.


Alright everyone! Here is how Day 1 Mission will throw down!

Players from both factions can meet at the Sphinx Plaza next to Thompson Library any time between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm for the mission. A moderator will have several sign-up sheets that will be used to gather names and emails of potential players who would be joining during the late game info session Friday evening at 7:00 pm. Each faction (ISO and Program) will have their own list that they will need to fill with as many legitimate names and emails as possible. (Hint: OSU emails are preferred in order to confirm legitimacy).

Use whatever “elevator pitch” you deem appropriate to recruit people, so long as it’s an accurate representation of the game and appropriate. In addition, it is imperative that you inform the individual(s) of the late game info meeting on Friday. For every 3 potential players that you “recruit” to your faction, you will gain information on 1 location that could be crucial for the night mission.

Players will remain on the Oval throughout the entirety of this event. PvP rules are active, as well as the Original Virus players and any turned virus players. At no time are players safe during this mission. At 4 pm, the mission will end and the names will be tallied and verified.

Remember: Better attendance yields better rewards. We hope to see you out there today. Best of luck!