Good evening everyone! Huge thank you to those who came out and participated in the Night 1 Mission!

In summation, each faction (including the viruses) was fighting to gain and maintain control over 3 key points across campus. At the end of 90 minutes, the faction with the most time in control of points in total won. Basically, giant zone control.

It was intense on many levels! The weather was grueling. Freezing temperatures, biting wind, and SNOW! But the players fought hard and persevered. Then, halfway through the mission, the Virus horde surged and claimed several new members to be added to their ranks. Intense chase scenes, several moments of being backed into a corner. Head sweating. Heart pounding.




At the end of the 90 minute time-frame, the results were tallied and are as follows:

1rst place: Programs (73 minutes)
2nd place: Viruses (70 minutes)
3rd place: ISOs (65 minutes)

And there you have it! By a mere 3 minutes, the Programs seized the day and won the mission!


*The Programs have unlocked the Hitchcock Hall Area as a Safe-zone and HQ.
*The ISOs have unlocked the RPAC Plaza as a Safe-zone and HQ.
*Both factions have unlocked Tier 1 weapon upgrades and may now use larger ammo clips.
*The Viruses have unlocked Secret Bonus Objectives.

All of these rewards go into effect immediately. Original Viruses are still active and free to infect at their discretion. So continue to watch your backs!

And keep an eye out of the Day 2 Mission information coming soon, as well as your Faction's page for Faction specific information.

Let us know if you have any questions! Good luck out there!