The War of the Grid: Day 2 Mission

The War of the Grid: Day 2 Mission!

Plot: Last night, the first shots were fired and the first lives were lost. Both factions raced across the grid in an attempt to claim territories that would turn into forward bases. What they were not expecting, however, were the deadly viruses laying in wait.

The ISOs, with their superior numbers arriving first, held their own for some time. But eventually, the large group became a large target. And slowly but surely, their numbers dwindled and the virus numbers grew.

The Programs took a different approach. They split their numbers into smaller groups to attempt to claim territories faster. It was a risky move, and several times the programs found themselves staring down more viruses then they could handle. But small groups can evade much more efficiently. And when the viruses turned their attention to the ISOs, the Programs prospered.

When the dust finally settled, the Programs had established their headquarters in the location with the best tactical advantage. The ISO's, forced to deal with the virus horde, could only manage to establish a forward command post a short distance outside the Bostrum Colony. What is most interesting, however, is that both factions found old weapons stores at these locations that held more and better ammunition for their energy weapons.

With headquarters established and perimeters constructed, the factions now face a new challenge in the war for the Grid; resource and data collection. They will need to gather as much as they can, because soon, their leaders will arrive to take command...


Today's day mission will take place at both Safe Zones: Hitchcock Hall for Programs and RPAC Plaza for ISOs between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Players from each faction will report to their respective Safe-zone for the mission. At these locations, there will be moderators with a device capable of connecting to the internet. These devices will be connected to each other in an online game of rock-paper-scissors. Players with compete against each other in these first-to-3-wins games, with the winner earning their faction a point. During this contest, the Safe-Zones will drop every 10th minute of the hour, during which PVP and Virus attacks may occur for 1 minute. In addition, if a faction is waiting at their safe-zone with no competition from the other side for 15 minutes, they will automatically earn 1 point for their side. At the end of the allotted time-frame, the faction that earned the most points will earn additional information that will be crucial for the success of the night mission.

OVs are still active today as well, and Safe-zones are activated until they are effected by the day mission mechanics. So they are Safe until we say otherwise. You may also use larger ammo clips and blasters that can hold more darts thanks to the Tier 1 Weapon Upgrade.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck out there!