The War of the Grid: Day 3 Mission

Hey everyone! Last night was a great mission! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. There were escorts, PvP battles and a new virus type outbreak! Things got crazy!

Both factions were able to rescue all 3 of their NPCs from the grid. Each wave of escorts that you saved will now become a useful NPC for you. Your leaders (Clu/Radia) will allow you to obtain more information from Day Missions that will help you out in the Night Missions. Their assistants (Jarvis/Quorra) will become NPC medics for you sometime in the near future. And the Commanding Officers (Rinzler/Monitor) will eventually become walking turrets that you may implement during night missions. Please note that the only available NPCs right now are Clu/Radia, while the other 2 will go active during their appropriate missions.

The Viruses, on the other hand, completed their Secret Objective last night completely uncontested. As a result, they were able to recover enough pieces to be able to create 4 Rector Scripts (Noodlers) that they will be able to access during any Night Mission going forward. Rector Scripts can walk, or run if they are WHOOOPing, and tag you with their noodly appendages. They can also block all forms of ammunition with said appendages. But if they are still hit, they follow normal Virus stun rules.

Finally, the OVs are revealed! Pinkgoalie35 and Horowitz.85, thank you for being our sneaky sneaky Viruses. You did a great job. Going forward, they will no longer be able to disguise as humans, and will be playing as Viruses only.

So that’s what happened last night! And again, thank you to all who attended!


We will be meeting on the South Oval today at 3:00 pm. On the way to and from the South Oval, you are not safe. However, once you arrive there, it will be treated as a temporary Safe Zone, and you will not be able to be tagged by Viruses.

Essentially today will be the Tron themed version of a Nerf War: Grid Games! Each faction will be able to compete in different battle types, some old and some new (and Tron themed) to earn points. These points will be put into a pool for your faction only. The more points you earn, the better upgrades you unlock. Every faction will walk away with a reward for attending the mission and participating. The more points you win, the better that reward will be.

Viruses, FEAR NOT! You are allowed to participate too in order to unlock more awesome upgrades! You may be your normal, awesome virus self and play. Or you may use your Nerf Guns again! This would be the last chance this game for you to be able to use your guns. After today, you go back to permanent virus style. So make good use of this opportunity! Also, this is a great chance for you to come, meet your opponents and talk, share war stories, etc.
And, we can confirm that there will be Light Cycle battles! So you aren’t going to want to miss that!

So again, meet at the South Oval at 3:00 pm. There is no Amnesty to or from the mission. But once you are there, you are completely safe and can’t be killed. Mission will go from 3-6, and it’s going to be a blast!

Finally, we are aware that it’s super cold and snowing outside. April in Ohio. Who knew?

As a result we understand if you don’t wish to come out today. But the game will roll on so long as lives aren’t at stake. Rain, or *shudders* snow. Those of you who are coming out today, please dress warmly! We could be seeing on and off dustings of snow for the rest of the day. Please note: if not enough players show up for the mission to run, we will call it and make an announcement online.

We hope to see you out there for these games! It’s going to be awesome!

Plotty Plot stuff to follow shortly.