The War of the Grid: BREAK DAY!

Good evening everyone! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Day Mission today! We had a lot of fun, did some zany things with nerf guns and sock balls. Ahhhh. Good times.

As a result of having players from all 3 factions in attendance, each one will unlock things for their players. However, since the viruses had the highly dominating numbers and an overwhelming number of victories in the games, they will receive their enhanced upgrade!

As of this moment, both the ISOs and the Programs have unlocked Tier 2 Weapon upgrades, and no longer have any restrictions on blasters. Electronic blasters are now usable!

The Viruses have unlocked a new upgrade: The Stego Virus. This Virus will have a shield that it can use to protect other viruses from attack. It is difficult to defeat these viruses, as they can only be taken down via a small target on their back.

Congratulations to all factions! And thank you again for coming out in the cold to kick it with us!

Tomorrow is our BREAK DAY! This day was put into the game to allow players (and definitely mods) time to do homework, study, take care of Real Life Things (TM), etc. So make good use of this time. You are more than welcome to call out your fellow players, challenge viruses, hunt grid dwellers, etc. Play will still be on. However there will be no mission.

We will start up again with another Day Mission on Monday! We hope to see you there! Happy resting!