The War of the Grid: Day 4 Mission

Welcome back to the game everyone! We hope you enjoyed your day off, got work done, etc.

Today's Day Mission will happen despite the continuing rain showers. Between 1-4 pm today, a moderator will be located at the Baker Systems Courtyard with a Mastermind Code that needs to be cracked. Players from both factions can come to this location and attempt to solve the puzzle, which will remain active for the entire time throughout the mission window.

In order for players to make an answer submission and attempt to solve the puzzle, they must travel to the Sphinx Plaza and find a second moderator with different sets of colored balls necessary to solve the puzzle. Players will need to bring a set of balls (maximum of 5 per trip) back to the original location of the puzzle and arrange them into the answer they wish to submit. The moderator will then indicate the overall “correctness” of their submission, and whether or not they are correct or need to attempt another submission.

At no point during any of this is the puzzle or the location of the colored balls safe from virus confrontation or player versus player battles.

Once the puzzle is solved, the mission will end and the winning faction will receive the master code essential for tonight's mission. If at the end of the time-frame the puzzle has not been solved, the faction who has the closest answer to the correct submission will receive the master code essential for the night mission tonight.

Best of luck out there! Don't forget your umbrella ;)