Good evening everyone! Lots of things to discuss here. Pay close attention!

First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to the night mission tonight. It was a very active and great mission!

The ISOs and Programs solved the Defragmentation Code quickly, and ran to PvP battle over control points to make batches of vaccinations. At the end of the mission, the ISOs finished 7 batches, while the Programs finished 6. Both Factions received vaccination codes as a result, and here is how they work:

When a human player carrying a vaccine code is tagged, they will present the Virus who tagged them with a small white envelope. The Virus will open the envelope (which should be sealed) and read the computer printed message inside. It will say 1 of 2 things: either "SUCCESS!" or "FAILURE".

The Virus will show the results to the human and take the appropriate action. Success, let them escape per the instructions on the paper. Failure, and you get the player's KillID.

Players from either faction may attend the day or night mission tomorrow to pick up a vaccine code from their faction's batch. Each player is allowed to use 1 vaccine, with the remainder going to player medics. So to those of you who are still alive, you can thank the players who came last night for their success and hard work!

Viruses were able to locate and complete their Secret Objective that will give them a big advantage during the finale. We cannot disclose that information at this time. But just know it is equally as powerful as the vaccines for humans is.

Speaking of Finale:


We've noticed that there are several players who have yet to attend a mission. And there is a large majority of the regularly attending players who have been turned into viruses. As a result, we have decided on a unique way to bring this game to an epic conclusion!

We will be treating today as if it were the final day of play. There will be a day mission, where human players will earn rewards that will greatly benefit them for the finale night mission. Then, there will be a SUPER EPIC, SUPER FUN Finale Mission tonight. It varies from the usual finale missions in that there is a solid chance for human players to survive this mission.

So, 1 of 2 things is going to happen at this Finale:

1. All of the Human players who attend the finale fall to the virus Horde. This means that attendance for this mission is mandatory for all living players. If every last human in attendance falls or abandons the mission, the game will come to a close and the Viruses will win! Game Over! Party Time!

2. A few Human players meet the win conditions and escape! If the Human players meet the desired win conditions for the mission, we will then proceed to a 6th day of play on Wednesday. There will be no Day Mission on Wednesday, but there will be an equally as epic Finale Mission Wednesday night, true to the escape-or-die Finales you may be used to from games past. Then, players can attempt to meet the extremely difficult win conditions and, if they do so, enter the ranks of eternal Human glory. Or the Viruses can take everyone down, per the usual. THEN PARTY!

TL;DR YOU SHOULD TREAT TODAY AS THE LAST CHANCE YOU WILL GET TO PLAY. The weather is looking great (go figure...last day and finally the sun comes out). And if the Viruses have their way, the game will come to a conclusion tonight! Plus, you aren't going to want to miss the epic battle for tonight's mission!

Alright. Enough beating the dead horse with a stick.

In regards to today's Day Mission:

The mission will run from 1:00-4:00 pm on the South Oval. Players from either Faction can go there to attempt to complete difficult puzzles and obtain coding blue prints that will help you construct a powerful weapon for the Finale. There will be several different puzzles for players to solve, and each player may only solve each puzzle once. For each player that is able to solve 5 different puzzles, their faction will receive part of the blue print for their weapon, and that player will be unable to solve any further puzzles for blueprint sections.

In addition to this, players may combine their efforts to obtain 5 finished puzzles. For example, and ISO who has solved 3 puzzles may combine with an ISO who has solved 2 puzzles different from the first ISO to reach their 5 total. This will also grant them 1 portion of their blue print. However, both of those players will be unable to solve any more puzzles with the intent to unlock another blueprint section.

Players are not safe while solving puzzles, and can be confronted by Viruses or enemy PvP at any time. At the end of the allotted time, all puzzles will be put away and the mission will end.

It's going to be a wild and crazy day! Buckle up, pull out your heavy blasters, and stretch your Virus legs. Let's see who will come out on top!