5/16/12: DAY MISSION

We are all screwed and not just because I almost got eaten by a zombie this morning. Last night at the dig site I uncovered something. I know this is going to sound crazy but please hear me out. Yesterday, I told you all about the Mirca Lode and their artifacts; in particular, they had artifacts that they believed could bring the dead back to life. At the dig site I discovered some images of the artifacts that we missed the first time through. The images depict a Priestess rising dead from their graves to fight invaders and in her hands is the Tome.... Here's the crazy part, I think the woman is using the Tome to create an undead army. What's more, I think when that heckler tried to read the words from the Tome he actually brought that very Priestess back to life. I know that sounds crazy but there is no way to explain what is happening around here save for some magic... unless I'm crazy.

Also on the walls are images of circles with odd patterns. The more circles that are depicted the larger the horde of undead depicted. These circular patterns are starting to appear everywhere around the university. It think this has something to do with the Priestess. If you find them, use chalk to disfigure them. Post a picture of yourself with the disfigured chalk circle and where you found it, so we know where it was and that it has been broken. I don't know what they do but it can't be good.


TL;DR: There are chalk circles around campus. Find them, disfigure them with chalk (draw two squares around the circles). Take a picture of the disfigured chalk circle and yourself as evidence that it was completed. Upload this image to the forums by 7:00pm or the chalk symbol is still considered active.