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ZOMBIES ONLY. THIS GROUP IS MADE BY THE DEAD, AND THE DEAD KEEP IT. WE'RE NOT A TEEMING MASS OF BRAINLESS Z'S. WE'VE GOT BRAINS, WE JUST WANT MORE. On a sidenote, if you happen to see one of us stuck against a wall just gently nudge us back onto the path, thanks.

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Action Item

I'm gonna need you to reach out to HR, maybe set up a conference call about the challenges we've been experiencing with the undead lately.

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Started by a group of Aero Engineers. Open to all players who want Red vs. Blue character names.  We are a growing faction, and we will win. (not really we will all die)

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Atomic Number 67s

Is your atomic number 67? CUZ YOURE A HO

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Bro 5 years 7 months ago Request group membership

Remember the Mario Bros? Well #%#@ them because we bro harder, we bro faster, and we bro longer.

(510) 21-4-BROS

About the Bros:
A brotastic legion of Bros coming henceforth into the Zombro Bropocalypse. A brolite unit of professional Bros, all raised in...

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We are the original surviving bromads of Sparktanic 2012, and are here to survive yet again another disaster as bro-like and as douchie (except to the ladies) as possible.

All bromads or homads are welcome.

Contact Us: 214-980-8081


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A group mainly devoted to stealth and scouting. Good for lone wolfs who like having backup from time to time. Everyone is welcome.

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Cult of Onatar

Praise be the almighty Onatar, who hath bestowed upon us the holy book of words, who hath blessed us with the power of resurrection so that we may turn the blasphemers to the true path, who leads us to glory, praise be onto him.

May his disciples honor his name.


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