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Remember the Mario Bros? Well #%#@ them because we bro harder, we bro faster, and we bro longer.

(510) 21-4-BROS

About the Bros:
A brotastic legion of Bros coming henceforth into the Zombro Bropocalypse. A brolite unit of professional Bros, all raised in Bro-hio, we are here to brovent the zombros from overrunning BroSU. We have a brotential of over 9000, and that means that not even Brogeta or Brolly can stop us.

Take that Nappa.

As avid bro-pong players, our hand-eye coordination is at an all time high, so our sock throwing brobilaties are outright fantastic.

We will always be of service to other members of the human race for brotection, but we are bros, so we will be assholes.

Align yourselves with the Bros of Bro-tential, support the cause, and you will survive the Zombro Bropocalypse.

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