SP'15 Infection Invitational Feedback

Please fill out the feedback form on our recent (April 10 - 11) Invitational! Remember, we would like your sincere feedback as it helps us create better games, so comments are appreciated!

You can "Save Draft" at any point, just remember to Submit when you finish! There are also some required responses, so make sure to check each section.

Thanks again for playing!

Late Registration

Missed the start of Infection? There's still an opportunity to play! Attend tomorrow's (Friday, 3/27) Info Meeting to get the rules and your KillID and bandanna, and start playing immediately!
WHEN: 6PM, Friday, March 27th
WHERE: Lazenby Hall 002

Make sure to register for the game before 4PM, or else your KillID won't be printed, and you absolutely need that to play.

And there's also another opportunity to play this semester with our two-day Invitational, April 10-11. It's all the chaos of a week of night missions packed into about 30-hrs. Sign up now!

Invitational is Over!

The Urban Gaming Club would like to thank everyone who participated in our "Sprautumn" Invitational. You guys were great, and we hope you had a lot of fun.

We would also like to apologize for the ridiculous waits on missions. We had a tentative schedule that we were trying our best to stick to, but as was obvious, we kinda weren't ready to go at those points. Again, thanks so much for your patience with that.

And as always, we'd like to hear what you have to say, so fill out the feedback form! We want to make the best games possible for everyone, so comments on the feedback is super important.

Invitational Starts Tonight!

Hope everyone's ready! The Invitational starts tonight! Everyone traveling from out of town, please drive safely. Anyone who isn't coming from out of town, be safe too. :P Parking should still be open, but for anyone curious: Here is CampusParc's website.

When you get here, do not wear a bandanna until you have attended a Check-In/Info Meeting at HQ. At that Check-In, you will be signing a waiver which requires a photo ID, so please bring that.

And anyone who would like to be a starter zombie, please come to Hitchcock 131 at 6PM! We will brief you there.


Saturday's Check-In/Info Meeting is at 10AM in Independence Hall 100.