What is it?
Assassins is a fast-paced team-based mini-gamed hosted by the Urban Gaming club. Players participate on one of four teams, and start the game with socks as their only “weapon.” Throughout the day, players will be given constant opportunity to assassinate players from other teams by hitting them with socks. Assassinating other players will score that player a coin (which is collected from the opposing player). Players will then be able to unlock additional weapons for the night missions using the coins they collected during the day. There will be 2 challenges (30 minute mini-games during the day) and 1 night mission per day.
Information Session
There will be an informational meeting as well as the opening ceremony on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th AT 8:00PM AT HITCHCOCK 035. The information session will be where you are given your initial 10 coins and your team's band. The info session will also include 4 team challenges, where we will be rewarding additional coins to those that win the challenges.
Is it Free?
Yes, Assassins will be completely free to play (neglecting any nerf blasters/socks/etc you want to purchase for usage).
What do I need to play?
You need a team band and coins (which we will provide for you). Besides that, you only need socks.
What are the teams?
-The Order (orange)

-The Loyalists (green)

-The Anarchists (not used)

-The Resistance (pink)

***Each team will be given special perks

How do I unlock stuff?
When you show up to a night mission you will be provided with 2 index cards. There will be 6 boxes, one for each type of un-lockable weapon. You will write down how many coins you want to bid on the unlocks, and the highest bidders will be given a card that says they have unlocked that item. These cards may not be traded. The 2 numbers you write down may not exceed the total number of coins you have, (i.e. if you have 15 coins, don't bid 10 coins on the sword and 10 coins on the shield).
Trading coins with a teammate
If you run out of coins, borrow some from a team mate. Additionally, teammates may trade as many coins as they want. A spy may also borrow coins from the team he is tricking, if they are dumb enough not to stun check him first (see spy rules in the Power-Ups section).
With a sock: Hit them on any part of their body with the sock

With a Nerf blaster: Hit the player with a dart on any part of the body

With a Melee weapon: Hit them on any part of the body (the weapon may NOT leave your hands)

With a shield: you cannot assassinate with a shield

If you are assassinated during the day, you give the assailant a coin, and you are stunned for 15 minutes (simply remove your band)

If you are assassinated at night, you DO NOT give the assailant a coin. You simply return to your respective re-spawn point and re-spawn.

You may not assassinate a person if you are carrying no coins. To enforce this rule, an assassinated player may ask their assailant to show them a coin of their own in order to prove they had a coin to lose. If you assassinate a player who does not give you a coin, please report them to a moderator.

You are not safe while collecting a coin.

Are the same as the as the Infection boundaries. Do not play off campus. Do not run across streets. Do not play in the parking garages. Do not play indoors. Do not play near the Medical Center. Do not play in construction areas. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Will be worn on your arm during the day. Will be worn on the head at night. They MAY NOT be camouflaged.
Day Missions
Will be at 10am and 2pm daily (2 day missions daily, 8 total). You will be safe from being assassinated at these missions. They will simply be 30-minute mini games like coin poker, gladiator combat, assassinating targets of interest, etc. You will be rewarded for going to these (but they're just for fun and are not nearly as important as the night missions)
Night Missions
Will be held at 8pm, daily (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with Thursday being the finale. These will be where points for each team are scored. These are also where we will hold the blind auctions for unlocks. Night missions will assuredly be done by ~10pm.
Moderators are your referees. If you actually have a major dispute, ask one of us. Mods will play as our own team, but we will not participate as a team in night missions.
If you want to play with your friends, make a faction on the website and have them all join it. When you register, you will be prompted to register as an individual, or register with the faction you are in. Teams will then be randomized from there, but factions will be placed together on the same team.
Unlockable Items

Everyone automatically has socks unlocked. They are the only item that is allowed in use during the day.

For safety: Some tape is OK but don't cover them in tape. Don't wrap them super tight. Don't put anything in it that will make it denser/heavier. They should feel like getting hit with a foam stress ball.


For safety reasons, the following unlocks will NOT be allowed for use during the day. Night missions only.

Side Arms

Any dart blaster that has 6 or less rounds and does not have a swappable clip.

I.e. The Maverick, The Nite-Finder, The Vigilon, The speed-load 6, etc.


All dart blasters that do not fall into the Side Arm category

I.e. The Swarmfire, The Stampede, The Raider, The Recon, the Barricade, etc.

Melee Weapons

Any “soft” melee weapon. Nerf swords will not be allowed. If you want to be sure, please follow the Dagorhir rules for melee weapons. (Melee weapon approval will be handled by Pat Webster)

Swords cannot block projectiles


Must be less than 3 square feet

Cannot be used to assassinate players in ANY WAY

Blow Pipes

Must be less than 1 meter long.

All other weapons

If there is anything you want to use as a weapon, but it doesn't fall into any of the above categories, it becomes part of this category. These weapons (obviously) need approval by us before you are allowed to use it.

I.e. Nerf bows, dart grenades, etc.


A spy is a one day perk. A spy will be given all 4 band colors and will be allowed to swap the color any time he/she wants throughout the day.

Unlike Original Zombies, however, if you tag a spy, they must tell you that they were a spy and provide you with a coin.


Mercenaries will be moderators. We will auction them off at the beginning of missions in an open auction, and the highest team will get them for that mission.

Mobile Spawn Points

These will likely be one time use respawn points. You will plant the spawn point in a location, then activate it whenever you desire. The spawn point will remain active for one minute, during which time that team may spawn at that point, as well as their home spawn point.