Spring 2011
Game featured 4 teams all vying for control of a city in Resistance Italy. Game was ultimately steamrolled by the Albizzi Clan, which was made up of mostly 501st and TOS members.
Fall 2011
"Taco Ramen"
Game featured 3 factions vying for control of a future world where violence is the law. The three factions were:

"The Resistance" (made up of mainly Bro-tential players)
"The Order" (made up of mainly unaffiliated players)
"The Loyalists" (made up of mainly 501st members)

Game was extremely close throughout, with the factions being very balanced. Players could unlock almost anything they felt could help win the game during night missions (such as blowguns, foam swords, shields, nerf blasters, and socks). Night missions were kept close together and resulted in intense combat. Game ended with a meteor that fell from the sky and landed in the middle of the battle, with the Loyalists eventually gaining control of the meteor. Players soon found out that the meteor was actually the escape pod from the mood used by Jahi Crouch to escape the robotic moon zombies. (see Fall 2011 Infection)