NOTE: If you ask for an achievement, you will not get it.

Badges from Autumn 2010

From Top Left to Bottom Right:
- Kill a mod (Tag a moderator as a zombie)
- Really? (Do something absolutely ridiculous unintentionally, like run into a tree and get sent to the hospital.)
- Lockdown (complete mission 1)
- Is this thing on? (complete mission 3)
- Oh Nodes! (Complete mission 2)
- Use more gun (Carry an absurd amount of weaponry into battle.)
- QQ (Be the unfortunate first human tagged.)
- Escapee (Survive the final extraction mission.)
- FYI I am a zombie (Tag someone as an original zombie.)
- Survivor (Survive as a human until the final day.)
- UGC Award (Be epic.)
- Ecksbawcks Kid (Become an achievement whore.)
- Morbid Obsession (Dress as a zombie or wear zombie makeup.)
- Hungry hungry for hippocampus (Get 15+ kills during the course of a single game.)
- Tortoise (Tag a human as a slow, shuffling zombie.)
- Hare (Get tagged by a slow, shuffling zombie.)
- Leeroy Jenkins (Rush ahead into battle and get your entire squadron annihilated.)
- Noooooooooo! (Mourn a fallen comrade epically.)
- Paging Admiral Ackbar (Survive an attack that outnumbers your party 6 to 1.)
- Bronze Star (Perform awesomely as a human.)
- Silver Star (Perform awesomely as a human.)
- Gold Star (Perform awesomely as a human.)
- Brains (Perform awesomely as a zombie.)
- More brains (Perform awesomely as a zombie.)
- All of the brains (Perform awesomely as a zombie.)
- Zed rule #1: Agility (Force a human to waste 20+ darts without getting hit.)
- Human rule #1: Cardio (Outrun 5+ zombies with no weapons equipped.)
- Disputed champion (Win an honor duel.)

Other badges
- You Mad? (Be a Bro)
- Moderator (Be a Moderator)
- Organizer (Be an Organizer)
- The Moderators (Be a Moderator for Assassins)
- The Albizzi (Be part of the Albizzi for Assassins)
- The Pazzi (Be part of the Patzi for Assassins)
- The Medici (Be part of the Medici for Assassins)
- The Borgia (Be part of the Borgia for Assassins)

- Rogue (Unknown)
- Cool Story Bro (Tell a cool story, do something awesome)